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Essay on Formal Classroom Observations: Student Teaching Video

Providing teachers with timely feedback is essential to teachers’ professional growth and development. It is important because teachers should have an opportunity to adjust their performance based on the feedback provided (Wiggins, 2012). Making necessary adjustments should lead to increased student outcomes. Students are the ultimate beneficiaries when teachers receive timely, specific feedback. There were…

Classroom Observation

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Essay on Differentiation: Responding to Different

Yesterday’s classroom and students are very different from todays. Educators see a more diverse group of students that all come from a diverse background. From having a disability, being from a different culture, or having a different socio-economic background, teachers have to reach each student regardless of differences. But in reality, due to the lack…

Classroom Observation

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Reflection on Teaching Styles Observed in ATLAS Videos Essay

In video case 9, Practicing Presentation and Audience Skills Through Science Presentations, the teacher is in a kindergarten classroom with twenty students and assesses her class verbally throughout the video. Her students are engaged in a cross curricular lesson that includes language arts, science observation, active listening, and speaking skills. The teacher first assesses the…

Classroom Observation

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Using SAFMEDS in Vocabulary Learning of Hotel Department Classrooms

Playing SAFMEDS has successfully helped many training of fluency in aboard. Thus, by intentionally open the chance of adapting and transforming SAFMEDS to be applied in vocational high school classroom, the purpose of this study were to find out whether or not there was any significant difference between the use of SAFMEDS and wordlist in…

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Technology In The Classroom

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Due to more use of technologies in today’s world

There are a few students who find it simpler to work in internet school rooms and some others that find it less complicated to live with conventional lecture rooms. Both are having pros and cons which are discussed in the upcoming paragraphs. First of all, time management is vital for student’s success either in classroom…

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Time Management

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