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The Problem of Clean Drinking Water

The prompt for question one begins with stating 1.5 million children die each year from diarrhea. To solve this problem, it would take only, at most, $20 a year to provide children at risk with clean drinking water. The prompt then goes on to ask if it is then immoral for an individual to spend…

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Educare Play-based Setting Rationale

For this assignment, I chose to design an educare space for older toddlers ages 24-36 months. As I designed the indoor and outdoor play spaces, I kept in mind best practices for developmentally appropriate, inclusive practice. In order to create an environment to best meet the needs of two-year old’s, I wanted to ensure the…

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Way To Grow And Improve

Throughout life, we are all constantly trying to make changes, to evolve, and to grow. Whether it be in our career or just our daily lives. We constantly commit to turning over a new leaf and making things better for ourselves. A common pitfall that often happens time and time again is the thinking that…

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