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Identity Matters: A Novel on Black Student’s Journey

America is the most diverse country with many different people and different cultures from all over the world; because of immigration. Since immigrants have been more accepted and welcomed in the United States, the numbers of intermarriages and biracial children have been increasing extensively. Although, multiracialism brings all races closer, some people use their own…


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Taking Judith Butler’s assertion

Taking Judith Butler’s assertion that identity is ‘culturally constructed’ where ‘bodies are understood as passive recipients of an inexorable cultural law’ , this dissertation will seek to explore the ways and methods by which theatre and contemporary performance can interrogate and challenge age identity: The reconceptualization of identity as an effect, that is, as produced…

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My Way Into Cultural Diversity and Awareness

Step1-Know Where You Are in Your Life Tabitha’s situation is difficult. Her surroundings have changed quite a few times in a very short period. Tabitha lives in a residential facility away from her native land and family. She is also not with family which can make her s She’s living in a residential facility instead…

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Cultural Diversity In Healthcare

Cultural Diversity In Healthcare What is meant by cultural diversity and how does it apply to nursing? Cultural diversity refers to the differences between people rooted in a shared belief and value system based on norms, customs, and way of life. Knowledge of cultural diversity is important in all levels of nursing, whether nurses are…

Cultural Diversity

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