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Essay on E-Cigarettes, Just a New Fad? Or the Next Wave of Addiction Among Our Youth

In a middle school sitting squarely in Dewitt, New York, Matthew Dougherty – an eighth grader at JD Middle School – was first introduced to vaping. He was taking the usual mid-day trip to the bathroom, and upon entering he witnessed four kids taking drags out of a small device of what he said resembled…

Drug Addiction

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The Problem of Drug Addiction in the USA Essay

In the US, there are over twenty million people from age twelve and up who struggle with addiction (Partnership News Service Staff). Drug addiction begins with drug or alcohol abuse. When someone starts becoming addicted to something, changes in the brain’s wiring occurs. This is what causes people to have intense cravings, making it hard…

Drug Addiction

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Opioid Addiction in Adolescents Essay

The efficacy of newer methods of combating and treating opioid dependence has been subject to much debate over the last forty years. One of the most widely accepted but also most controversial methods of treatment today is Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), which involves the substitution of an illicit substance with one controlled by a physician….

Drug Addiction

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Self Treatment or Addiction Essay

Self-medicating is the new term used in the US for people who use substances to cope with their stress, grief, pain, and problems. It is a nicer word than drug addict. Using the term self-medicating helps addicts to justify their drug use and helps non addicts sound not so judgmental. Since drug use/self-medicating is a…

Drug Addiction

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Ethics of the Addiction Industry Essay

According to the 2018 National Drug Threat Assessment (NDTA), the leading cause of injury death in the United States is drug overdose. Not only has drug overdose as a cause of death been on the rise for several years, but also it has outnumbered deaths by firearms, motor vehicle crashes, suicide, and homicide since 2011…

Drug Addiction

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The Dangers of Oxycontin

I had a very close friend; his name is Jeremy. He is only twenty-six years old. His life is fading fast. He had a home, a family, a long time girlfriend and a four year old son. Jeremy’s mom, brothers, aunts and uncles are all losing touch with him. He had a great job with…

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Drug Addiction,



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