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Early Childhood Education

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Teen Pregnancy and Lactating

While several teens that engage in pre-marital sex never become pregnant, some are not as fortunate. Teen pregnancy has become all too common in this day and age. Some teens think it will not happen to them and do not use necessary precautions to protect against it. There are several causes for teen pregnancy and…

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Teenage Pregnancy

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The Challenge of Inclusion for Children With Disabilities

Within the past decades and a half considerable discussion has occurred regarding the most appropriate setting within which to provide education for students in special education. Although the change in the educational environment is significant for handicapped student the concepts of inclusion also bring up new issues for the regular education classroom teachers. The movement…


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The ability to listen

In my opinion, listening, it’s one of the most efficient ways in with to establish a respectful and professional relationship with children. You have to give to the children full attention when listening to them. Using body language, facial expression, speech and gesture helps a lot achieving this goal. The process of listening, without interruption,…


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How did Maria Montessori develop Montessori Pedagogy?

Maria Montessori is well known for developing The Montessori Pedagogy. This pedagogy focuses on a child-centred learning approach that is based on scientific observations of children within the four planes of development that spans from birth to adulthood. The Montessori Method is tantamount with Pre Primary education but has also gained momentum in Elementary education….

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The Importance of Person Centered Care in Safeguarding

Explain why a person-centred approach is important in safeguarding the well-being of children or young people. Effective safeguarding systems are child centred. Failings in safeguarding systems are too often the result of losing sight of the needs and views of the children within them or placing the interests of adults ahead of the needs of…


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