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What Is Emotional Intelligence?

In 1995 the term ’emotional intelligence’ was popularized by Dr. Daniel Goleman, a psychologist and behavioral science journalist, in his book, ‘Emotional Intelligence’. The term Emotional Intelligence has been used to describe the ability of an individual to recognize their own and the emotions of other peoples, to distinguish between their different feelings of and…


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Studies in Emotional Intelligence

There is a growing interest in the concept of emotional intelligence, and with that growth is a gap between what we know and what we need to know. In the article, Emotional Intelligence: Issues and Common Misunderstandings, Robert J. Emmerling and Daniel Goleman inquire as to what emotional intelligence is, how it differs from other…

Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional Intelligence and Effective Leadership

Leaders are monumental for companies and organizations across the world and leadership styles have changed over the years to match the diverse workforce. When the term leadership comes to mind one may think of someone who enforces rules or one who makes tough decisions. There is not a set way to be a leader but…

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Leadership Development

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