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Optimistic Ideas of the Enlightenment in Eighteenth Century Europe

1. To what extent did the Enlightenment express optimistic ideas in eighteenth century Europe? Illustrate your answer with references to specific individuals and their works. (1998, #5) During the eighteenth century, Europeans experienced the dawning of an age of knowledge, reasoning, and of great scientific achievements. Their views toward new discoveries and advancements were optimistic….

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Enlightenment and the Frech Revolution

Word Count: 401There were many views of the issue of slavery during the Enlightenment and the French Revolution, and the resolution of slavery affected economics, politics, and social order. The slave trade triangle between Europe, west Africa, and the Indies has a great affect on European economics during this time. The only way for this…


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Frankenstein and the Enlightenment Fr

Many people say that Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein postdates the Enlightenment; that it is a looking-back on the cultural phenomenon after its completion, and a first uncertain reaction to the movement. I must disagree. There is no “after the Enlightenment.” A civilization does not simply stop learning. Where is the point at which someone stands up…




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