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Research Discoveries Of Geometry

Geometry is one of the most diverse topics in Mathematics. The discovery of geometry can be traced as early as 2900-2000 B.C. wherein the Egyptians learned how to create pyramids out of blocks of stones and the earliest method of computing for the area of a triangle was formulated. In the following years, the Greeks…




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All About Disk Geometry and The 1024 Cylinder Limit For Disks

Large Disk mini-HOWTO Andries Brouwer, emailprotected v1.0, 960626 The problem Suppose you have a disk with more than 1024 cylinders. Suppose moreover that you have an operating system that uses the BIOS. Then you have a problem, because the usual INT13 BIOS interface to disk I/O uses a 10-bit field for the cylinder on which…

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