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Healthy Eating Habits

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Popularization of Healthy Food Among Students

In my opinion, there are many ways we can do to promote healthy eating and active lifestyle among university students. we go to how to promote healthy eating among the university students first. Firstly, taking a balanced or healthy diet. as we know, students now spend a lot of time doing the tasks given by…



Healthy Eating Habits

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Society Should Fight With Anorexia

Skinny, definition: unattractively skinny (Webster). Unfortunately, in today’s society skinny is the ultimate goal that everyone is trying to achieve. Young girls look in magazines, and teenagers look at their favorite movie stars or singers and try to make themselves fit the image that the world considers “pretty”. News media glorifies collar bones sticking out…

Anorexia Nervosa,


Healthy Eating Habits

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How My Attitude Towards Healthy Food Has Changed

Most children refuse to eat any food that is even relatively similar to a vegetable. Whether that be broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, spinach, asparagus, etc… When I was a child, anything green and mushy was out of the question. You would not catch me even ten feet away from brussels sprouts or broccoli. However, for many…


Healthy Eating Habits,


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