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Open Borders: Making America Great Again

This poem is engraved on a plaque within the United States Statue of Liberty, and its words are representative of what the ideals of the United States and its government stand for; a nation of diversity, compassion, and refuge. Immigration is what makes America great and should continue to be the philosophy that drives this…

Immigration Reform

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Campaign Strategy Immigration Reform Andrew Bryce

The Candidate Andrew Bryce Swindler was born on January 1st, 1981 to two Conservative, Christian, Republicans in Temple, Texas. Andrew’s mother is a nurse who raised him and his three siblings while simultaneously working towards her RN. Andrew’s father is a paramedic and first generation Mexican. He has two younger twin brothers, Colton and Calvin,…

Immigration Reform

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Building a Wall Against Immigrants Is Not an Effective Way

Americans watched in outrage June 2018 as the human drama flashed across our news channels revealing undocumented immigrant children snatched away from their families and placed in cages at Texas border detention centers. At the time Jeff Sessions announced a “zero tolerance policy” saying that all illegal US border entries would be subject to US…

Immigration Reform

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Kirsten Sinema Became an Arizona Senator With the Help of Immigration Reform

In this years election, Kyrsten Sinema was elected as an Arizona Senator. This was a tight race and Sinema only won by a 1.7 percent majority. She ran her campaign focused on traditional Democratic issues such as health care and immigration reform. She also succeeded of gaining the vote of educated suburban women. This is…

Immigration Reform

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