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Industrial Revolution

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How Did The Industrial Revolution Affect A Persons Quality Of Life?

Ones quality of life is defined as the degree of well-being felt by a person or a group of persons. It is concerned with a citizens consumption of goods and services, human rights and the environment. The industrial revolution have produced great wealth to many citizens that influences their state of well being. Others may…

Industrial Revolution,


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The Industrial Revolution in England

The Industrial Revolution brought about a major change in the lives of almost all of the people of England. The people of the working class benefitted from the Industrial Revolution. In other words, I am an optimist. I think that the standard of living of the people increased. However, I also believe that many people…

Industrial Revolution

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Science In The Industrial Revolution

Science in the Industrial Revolution Science in the Industrial Revolution The Industrial Revolution of the 19th century probably did more to shape life in the modern industrialized world than any event in history. There were many events that led to the industrial revolution in Europe. For starters, people in general were becoming more and more…

Industrial Revolution

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Industrial Revolution

Industrial Revolution The Industrial Revolution The Industrial Revolution was under way 1st in Britain and wasn’t possible without coal. Agriculture Revolution Every 3rd year the farmers believed that they had to leave their field fallowed so the soil won’t wear out. In 1730 Charles Townshend discovered that fields did not had to be left fallowed,…

Industrial Revolution

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Thomas Bell

Thomas Bell, the author of Out of This Furnace, grew up in the steel mill town of Braddock, Pennsylvania. Bell’s novel illustrates the difficult hardships his family overcame during the nineteenth century in a parallel he creates within the story. It is evident that during the late nineteenth century, many European immigrants made their way…






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