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Purposes and Objectives of Mass Communication

Mass Media are diversified media technologies that are intended to reach a large audience by mass communications. It is the power to reach large number people all around the world in a very short period of time. It plays an important role in our everyday lives. Mass media influences our likes and dislikes, opinions regarding…




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Media coverage of football hooliganism

Football hooliganism can be seen as something of an easy target’ for the media. With journalists present at every match across the country, the chances of a story being missed are slim. TV cameras also mean that disturbances within stadiums are caught on video. Since the 1960s, in fact, journalists have been sent to football…



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The brief history of Newspaper News Straits Times

19th century, : Pre world war 2 period 1806 An English-language newspaper, “News Straits Times” is the first newspaper started in 1806 in Penang, published for the workers of the East India Company. In those times, they were based in Malaysia. That is the oldest newspaper which was under observation of the government. It was…

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What Is Social Media

WHAT IS SOCIAL MEDIA? This is an intentionally broad definition, as even the simplest online communities, when well executed, are inherently ‘social.’ Social media refers to the content itself: user-generated information, opinion, video, audio and multimedia that is shared and discussed over digital networks. This definition assumes that truly social services get more useful, relevant…


Media Analysis,

Social Media,

Social Media Addiction

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Is There Extremely a Contention between Business Ethic and Benefits?

INTRODUCTION  As indicated by John Donaldson, business morals can be portrayed as “the methodical investigation of good ethical matters relating to business, industry or related exercises, establishments, or practices and convictions. It is the deliberate treatment of qualities in business and industry.” As an expert working in the business world, what business morals fundamentally implies…




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Media in society

In Debating Democracy’s “The Media: Vast Wasteland or New Frontier?” Jarol Manheim and Douglas Rushkoff present opposing views of the media. Both authors raise the questions of what the media represents and what messages the media tries to send to the public. Is the media’s coverage of events just for entertainment value or do the…


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Negative Effects of False Media Images

Since the birth of communication, media has been used to convey information to those willing to absorb it. Beginning with publications and simple spoken words, and soaring to new heights in the twentieth century with radio, television, and the internet, media have been made accessible to people in every aspect of their daily lives. With…


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Special and Inclusive Needs Consider key

Special and Inclusive Needs Consider key contemporary cultural representations of disability and special educational needs in the media (e.g. television, films, and newspapers) and discuss what these portrayals potentially reveal about societal attitudes towards disability and disabled people. It has been reinforced over recent years that representations of disabled individuals in the media rationalises the…


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Movie Review

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Setiap mikroorganisme mengalami proses metabolism untuk tumbuh dan berkembang biak

Setiap mikroorganisme mengalami proses metabolism untuk tumbuh dan berkembang biak. oleh karena itu diperlukan suatu substrat yang disebut dengan media pertumbuhan. Kebutuhan nutrisi mikroorganisme beraneka ragam sehingga diperlukan media yang sesuai untuk masing-masing jenis mikroorganisme. Menumbuhkan mikroorganisme di luar habitat aslinya, memerlukan media pertumbuhan yang sesuai sehingga akan menunjang pertumbuhannya. Media pertumbuhan yang digunakan harus…


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The Meaning of Running a Blog Is Something This Is Exceptionally

A ton in motion, as the fresh out of the box new innovations that seem each Day rethink what a blog is, the thing that a blog can be, and What a blog ought to do. For quite a long time, sites were Portrayed as content principally based sites that kept measurements of days, Much…



Social Media

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