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The Recency Effect in Psychology

Primacy Recency Effect Previous research has found that recency and primacy in memory is affected by tasks given to persons before recalling groups of related or unrelated words given to them by the tester. Subjects are given four (4) separate tests. Each test is a slight deviation from the next and the test are administered…

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Theatrical Practitioners: Konstantin Stanislavski

SystemAs an actor using Stanislavskis system, how would you use his ideas on imagination, units and objectives and emotion memory in the preparation of a role? Stanislavskis principle theory of acting was that of psychological realism. In other words, acting should be an art that teaches an actor how to consciously produce natural action; it…




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The Specifics About Specific Language

Covers three ranges of styles known as concrete words, abstract words, and general language. Specific language refers to objects or conditions that can be perceived or imagined. Concrete words describe qualities of immediate perception and abstract words refer to broader less palpable qualities (diction refers to qualities that are rarefied and theoretical). General language signifies…






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Mnemonic Devices Absorb & Relate

When talking about memory in this chapter, metacognition and metamemory are introduced. Metacognition is our awareness of and knowledge about our own cognitive system. In other words, this is referred to as knowing about knowing. Metamemroy is the knowldege about ones own memory system; also known as knowing how to know. Ones metamemroy process includes…




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Short term memory

Memory plays a crucial role in our lives. As you know, there are many deadlines, dates, and names to remember. How do we remember them all? Where does the information go? Memory also plays a very important part in learning. Intelligence is fundamentally based on memory. Learning means a change that causes a system to…


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Alzheimers Disease

It is inevitable that eventually each of us will grow old and begin to face more and more health problems as our age rises. Elderly people are challenged by many illnesses and diseases that unfortunately, are incurable. One disease that becomes more common as people age is Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s a common cause and a…



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The Dragon Cant Dance

Often when one comes to the realization of delusion in the understanding of an event, anger at defeat kicks in. In this particular passage from The Dragon Cant Dance, Lovelace manages to provoke in his readers a sense of loss concerning ones roots and customs. The excerpt is extracted from a fictional novel, which deals…




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The Transition From Chinese to Americanized Culture

In the book “Rose” by Li-Young Lee, the author structures the poem in a past-present narrative to illustrate his refugee upbringing and search of identity in a new land with a different culture. Throughout the book of poems, the author’s theme presents to the reader the complex relationship between family members in relation to immigration…

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Interrogations Of Chinese Immigrants At Angel Island

These interrogations were particularly strenuous and the questioning extremely detailed. Examples abound of tricky questioning such as this line of questioning from docket I do not know. Q. Did he tell you what his occupation was? A. I did not ask him and he did not tell me. Q. Did he tell you he was…





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The Significance of Repressed Memories

When we all bring up a memory in our head, we play it back like a videotape. This, however, is not how memory is stored. Memory, when stored, is actually broken up into sections and stored in schemas, the units of knowledge. Schemas can be changed or affected by the exact same categories as what…

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