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My Life Has Completely Changed

I lost something that was very valuable to me and I’ll never forget the joy I’ve experienced. I feel so heartbroken yet relieved. There was a reason I called this special someone Angel. The day before, we were laying down on my bed. His white, curly, soft hair was touching my cheek. His small heart-shaped…


My Best Friend,


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The Working Student Life

A as hard as it gets. Work, class, assignments and deadlines are your life. Personal life is a luxury that not many people know about. Those who know about it are so lucky and so not on my favorite list. Here, I am slaving away to get things done and there are things that are…




My Best Friend

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The Sorrow And Strength 

It all happened so fast. My life was turned upside down, I was in the car when it happened. One second we were fine and screaming along to the music, then the next we hit an ice patch. We started sliding and I blacked out. It wasn’t a major crash they said, this wasn’t supposed…




My Best Friend

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Dystopian History Of War

“There’s a light! I see it! I see it!” My brother shouted. “Will you be quiet. We don’t want to draw attention to ourselves.” I said back. “Hello?” That’s a voice. That means that there’s someone else alive. “Hello.” My father said back. “It’s good to know someone else is alive. I thought we were…



My Best Friend

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Leadership In My Life

Leadership is not just for high positions. It doesn’t have to be about a specific amount of people doing extraordinary deeds. Leadership lies within all of us, depending on how we allow ourselves to be held. The way you decide to handle a situation shapes the way the event turns out. You are in control…



My Best Friend,


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