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Nanoparticles as a Stable Drug Delivery System

Silk-fibroin Grafted with Chitosan is a Promising Polymer-based Nanoparticle for Drug Delivery Abstract I. Introduction Drug delivery systems are crucial to promote the efficacy of pharmaceutical compounds, as these carriers contain the active drug. The drug can be dissolved, dispersed, encapsulated, absorbed, or attached to the carrier. Therefore, the material used in the composition of the…




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Advertisement Dear Safeguard

The commercial is about using Safeguard Soap to avoid the spread out of bacteria in the body. Safeguard Soap is a product of “Procter and Gamble Manufacturing Company (P&G)”, a soap that has been tested and is registered in Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and it is also said to fight against germs to prevent…


E Commerce,


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Killer Instinct

.. afforded a panoramic view of the bay below. The downhill portion was easier now and once through the park gates and out on to Sandy Beach Rd, the going levelled out. He followed his usual course and was approaching the small strip plaza when he recalled that he needed some vitamin pills. Only two…


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