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Duction to Women’s Studies And Gender Politics within Fraternity And Sorority Life

Women’s Studies is an academic discipline that grew out of the 1970’s feminist movement. Today it is a multidisciplinary and trans-disciplinary approach to the historical, structural, cultural, and political conditions and experiences of women’s lives. This introductory course places women and gender at the center of inquiry, and uses feminist/womanist concepts such as the social…

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Theoretical And Scientific Course Aims at Integration

For Module 8 “Reflection artifact”, this author will explain the ways how the author developed the skills, knowledge and attitudes that helps to achieve the goals for the courses. Finally, the author chose the peer review assignment which represents the best learning (artifact) in the course. The theoretical and scientific underpinning course focuses on the…

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Purpose of Various Leadership Roles in Education

The study is framed by social constructivism wherein individuals seek an understanding of the world in which they live and work. The goal of the study is to focus on the participant’s perspectives of leadership-advocacy for underrepresented student populations in higher education. Early philosophers, including, Socrates, focused on helping construct meaning on their own rather…

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Investigation Related To Motivation

Introduction Motivation describes the wants or needs that direct behaviour toward a goal. It is an urge to behave or act in a way that will satisfy certain conditions, such as wishes, desires, or goals. Older theories of motivation stated that rational thought and reason were the guiding factors in human motivation; however, psychologists now…



Self Motivation

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