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Assessment of Health and Nutrition Indicators of Early Childhood in India

Introduction Early childhood health and nutrition is a true indication of countries’ level of progress and development. These health indicators are directly linked from beginning to end existing Govt. policies, plans and programmes to countries’ investment in early childhood and respect for children’s rights. Social determinants of health and nutrition are factors that characterize environments…

Child development,

Childhood Development,


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Influence of Verbal and Emotional Abuse on Children’s Development

The purpose of this paper is to show the effects of verbal and emotional abuse in children. This does not only apply to the verbal abuse that is received from parents but also from kids at school or even siblings. The first article that I chose is based on a survey done in Slovenia by…



Childhood Development,

Verbal Abuse

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Moral Development Begins at an Early Age

In the video; the two theorists that stood out the most are Albert Bandura and Elliot Turiel. I feel that both of these theorists did a good job of looking at the child more holistically than Jean Piaget and Lawrence Kohlberg. Both Bandura and Turiel believe that moral development starts at a young age. According…



Moral Development

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The Consequences of Mistreatment of Children on Their General Condition Essay

In this literature review it will explore the effects and the brain structure and function and what psychiatric diseases are linked to the certain parts of the brain that is affected. When children experience child abuse (physical, mentally) and neglect they have difficulties later in life such as with their socioeconomic status, brain development and…

Childhood Memory

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