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Public Policy

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Public Opinion on Gun Control

The twentieth century was a time of many political assassinations and violent shootings. A nation in shock mourned the deaths of President John Kennedy and civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. At the end of the twentieth century the nation endured rising rates of violent crime, with young people frequently involved as victims and…

Gun Control,

Public Policy,


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National Social Policy

The National Social Policy was launched in 2003 to ensure effective implementation of social development programs. National Social Policy (NSP) is a social development policy values and human capacity to achieve social unity and stability, national endurance and well-being of Malaysian society and steady progress. The objectives of the policy are divided into two which…


Public Policy

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Research on Public Policy

Public policy is an old concept just as the government itself. Any form of government whether, oligarchy, monarchy, aristocracy, tyranny, democracy and so forth, when and where governments have existed, have been formation and implementation of public policies. To solve varied problems and demands of the citizens the government has to create several policies, these…




Public Policy

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