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Racial Profiling

Racial Profiling: Finding ways to stop the Madness Did you know that in 2015 an unarmed man by the name of Walter Scott was gunned down by a South Carolina Officer? In the incident the victim Walter Scott was stopped by Officer Slager for having a non-functioning brake light. Then Scott fled from his car,…

Racial Profiling

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Racial profiling in the criminal system

Racial profiling in the criminal system. The recent spate of police killings in Ferguson, Missouri and other cities in the USA have once again highlighted police violence and racial profiling. The shooting of Michael Brown in August 2014, and subsequent protests, speak to the longstanding and widespread abuse of police powers. The Department of Justice’s…

Racial Profiling

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Comparing The Daily Lives Of African American Women In The 1940s And Today

Black women and Black men are still struggling with how to present their physical image and still be accepted in the society. It is very complex trying to negotiate your self-acceptance through two opposing cultures. Advertising in the 1930s had an impact on how African Americans defined themselves, particularly African American women. It is still…

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