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Critical Infrastructure, Interdependencies, and Resilience

The title itself defines the present worry and has provided resilience and elasticity but has also led to some ambiguities about which assets are critical and which criteria should be used to define them. Also, the expansion of critical-infrastructure sectors has added obstacles to an already difficult sector. For advancing the basics that regulate the…




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Social Support and Self-Efficacy Regarding Resilience Among Adolescents

Background to the study Resilience to trauma is dependent upon many factors, some individual and others within the social context in which we live. Exposure to trauma is pervasive in societies worldwide and is associated with substantial costs to the individual and society, making it a significant global public health concern. Trauma exposure is common…




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How It Managers Can Build It Resilience

The pace of change in IT is accelerating. As businesses strive to become more agile and implement digital strategies to drive customer engagement and growth, the pace of change–and the associated pressure–has increased. IT teams must adopt new technologies to keep up with business requirements, while maintaining a stable, secure infrastructure that withstands change without…




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Climate Change, City Sustainability and Resilience

No human activity can be performed outside the environment. The environment is seen to go beyond just the physical soil surrounding man but also includes water, air, land, plants, animals, and human beings living therein, and the inter-relationships that exist among them (Federal Environmental Protection Agency Act, 1992). Organisms and their environment constantly interact, and…

Climate Change,



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