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Self Discipline

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Wr Inquiry Activity

W.R.1 – Inquiry Activity Many people fail to realise that dietary laws actually do exist in our society. In many religions there are great restrictions and guidelines that must be followed when it comes to food selection which dates back to the biblical era. Kashrut (the Jewish dietary laws) is a perfect example of these…

Self Discipline

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College Degrees

College Degrees INTRODUCTION Many adults who graduate from high school immediately enter careers that do not require a college degree.Indeed, the majority of the adult population of the United States of America does not have college degrees. And the lack of degree is not a stigma. Vocations usually do not require degrees.Certainly the many trade…

Self Discipline

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Stanislavski Constantin Stanislavski was born on January 17th 1863, in Moscow. Stanislavski evolved his own system of preparing plays which resulted in remarkable ensemble acting. After he finished school, Stanislavski did not like the melodramatic style of acting which was popular in Russia, and throughout the rest of the world. Stanislavski met with a successful…




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