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The Impact Of Fossil Fuels And Their Impact On The Environment

Updated August 27, 2022

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The Impact Of Fossil Fuels And Their Impact On The Environment essay

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People should be educated about the use of fossil-fuel and the impact it has on the environment. The government has done enough by doing environmental campaign though media and others. But if people don’t want to contribute there is nothing I can to change that. I personally don’t have the capacity to educate everyone to reduce the use of fossil fuel.

I change to option B; With the level of technology increasing one way or another the alternative of natural resources will eventual be found. Currently we don’t have to worry about the way we consume natural resources. We need to channel our energy to more important thing than to worry about the something which is still far. It very bad situation for polar bears I don’t have to channel my energy and time to worry about them.

I don’t benefit anything even though they can extinct. I know plagiarism in UNISA is totally unacceptable and if you copied the work of other to makes it yours, you will find zero percent in that assignment. Other students should know that it is not about completing and submitting the assignment but about the quality of assignment and understanding. When writing the assignment, we are being tested whether we understand the content of the courses we are doing. I still choose option D; the state should fund everyone from first entering until they finish the qualifications.

The country need people who are educated in order to participate in the economic activities. It should be right for everyone to be funded at tertiary level. I’m still sticking to option E, we should all joined together to solve the problem. For government, non-government organisation and private sector should came together to came up with the solution to the problem as this, it affect all of us.

Option now is C, there nothing wrong with Whitey Bosson salary, as long as he worked for it. I believe with his experience, he is able to manage a very big company like Shoprite; one has to earn a lot of money. It is Whitey is not obliged to donate part of the salary, but I believe that with such amount of salary he can donates to some organisation of his choice though it is not compulsory. We cannot have equal wealth; we are all participating in the same economy. Some will have more wealth even though suppose we are in the same market.

For example small companies are finding it hard to survive because they are competing with the bid companies for the same product or service which is an indication that other will always get more share than others. My opinion is still on the E, we all need to play a part in poverty eliminate. Individually, we should not wait for government to eliminate poverty. The skills or knowledge we have, must be used for own advantage in order to eliminate poverty in our own communities. The only thing that will makes us to eliminate poverty is when the government can meet every one half way. In this types of market, It looks like everyone for themselves.

For those who unable to participate in this open market will remain poor as the rich get richer. It think, the wealth of the country should be shared equally. In open market everyone is allowed to participate freely and to accumulate their wealth as much as they can but those who don’t have a means to participate will remain poor. Irrespective of what we consume, it maybe non-renewable or renewable but there is always alternative solution to everything we consume. With the assistance of technology we will never wrong in attaining the alternative. I still remain with option A, that this days people do whatever they want to do in order to put bread on the table but they forging that we should not find ourselves on the wrong side of the law.

Sometimes when you advise the people you know that what they are doing is wrong, they will think that you have jealously because they get lot of money so is better if someone else advise them to stop. Yes indeed hard work pays, you cannot have things if you are not doing anything to achieve what you need. We all have to put more energy to towards what we need most. No one can give you thing without working for them. When you work very har you get the benefit of your efforts.

The Impact Of Fossil Fuels And Their Impact On The Environment essay

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