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Rights That Protect People

Updated August 29, 2022

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Rights That Protect People essay

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People take advantage of people’s weaknesses these days, and exploit them, even if they were born with it. Democracy- a system of government that is voted in by its citizens- has tried to prevent this, using human rights-are rights that protect people such as freedom of speech- they try legally helping these people, but still people would discriminate against other people because they are different. Most commonly people discriminate against women because they are seen as “weak” or “unable” this is known as gender inequality. In both cases there is a clear discrimination against women, as in the picture it shows that women stay at home and clean up and cook, and that men go out and work to provide for the family. Men take advantage of this and abuse women that want to go out and work, especially because men think that they are strong and can easily over power women.

I believe that women deserve a chance, and in most cases some women are better than men at things that men thought only men can do. Women are just as capable as men in all aspects of life, and shouldn’t just be seen as ‘house wives’. In the “miniskirt ordeal “women were being discriminated for what they are wearing. Just because a young girl is wearing short pants doesn’t mean “she was asking for it” it’s simply fashion. Those men violated that woman’s right to privacy and right to wear what you want. They cannot judge her for what she was wearing and they shouldn’t have “taught her a lesson” Gender stereotypes are bad as they affect everyone. People that in can are qualified to get a job don’t get it because of their gender, or people cannot do certain things because they are seen as weak or different. Women are just as capable as men and vice versa, no one is different. People should accept this and not discriminate against it. The media influences gender stereotypes a lot, not as much as back 10 years ago, but still plays a big role

Rights That Protect People essay

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