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Perfect School For An Ideal Education

Updated January 24, 2019

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Perfect School For An Ideal Education essay

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Perfect School For An Ideal Education Writing 121 16 November 2000 The Perfect School For An Ideal Education My idea of an ideal high school is one that students are proud of, at the same time receive a good education. To achieve this a school would need to have good teachers, qualified in the field in which they teach. Class sizes would have to be reduced to around twenty-five students, this way teachers could be more personal with their students.

Teachers would have access to any materials or resources needed to do their job. Last but not least, the school would have to be appealing to the students and offer a pleasant environment. In high school I had a Government teacher named Mr. Bjorkman. He was also the coach for our varsity football team. You could tell he didnt know what he was teaching and was more focused on football.

I didnt learn a single thing from his class. This is why a school would need to have qualified teachers in their classrooms. Students have different learning styles. Some are visual while others are auditorial, in some cases students may have a learning disorder. I have ADHD, which is a learning disorder.

Before I received treatment I had a hard time paying attention and it also caused me to act up on occasion. My teachers thought I was a troublemaker so they always kicked me out of class. I wasnt given the opportunity to learn as much as the other students at my school. Not because I was a bad student, but because not one teacher took the time to try and help. This is why I believe a teacher needs to be able to distinguish between the two learning styles and disorders, so all their students receive an education.

At my school there were days I sat on the floor because a classroom was missing desks. At times we were unable to locate a television and VCR to watch educational shows. You cant fix a car without having the right tools. The same goes for teaching.

In order for students to reach their full potential you cannot deny teachers the materials needed to do their job properly. This is why a school needs to provide its teachers with whatever they need. I believe class sizes are an issue with all schools. Large class sizes make it difficult for teachers to get to know their students. It also makes it hard to get everyone involved in the class. When students arent involved they get bored.

When they get bored they dont want to be there so they skip school. A school would need to have a sufficient amount of classrooms and teachers. This would make it possible to bring the student to teacher ratio down to around twenty-five students per every teacher. With smaller classes it would be easier for the teachers to get everyone involved. It would also give the teachers a chance to get to know their students and make sure their keeping up with the rest of the class.

If teachers knew their students it might encourage the kids to go to class because the teacher would notice if they werent in class. I think a school should be clean and have curb appeal. No one wants to go to a dirty run down school. I believe it is important to put some thought into the colors picked for the interior of buildings. Different combinations of colors give off different vibes.

I would pick a color scheme that gave off a good vibe. Every part of the school would be carpeted because it looks nicer than vinyl floors in my opinion. The school would have lots of windows and skylights in the classrooms. I would do this to bring in the sunlight because it gives you energy and makes people happy. The temperature would be set just right so that all the students were comfortable. Couches would be set up all over the campus so students have a place to hang out during breaks.

The last thing done would be to make sure nice grass and big trees surrounded the school. This would be done because people feel more alive when green trees and grass surround them. By bringing in the sunlight, putting thought into the color scheme, and surrounding the school with grass makes it appealing. What the students dont know is that its all done to provide a feeling of safety and comfort, to make them feel alive so they enjoy being there. The number one goal for any school should be to provide its students with the best education possible. By providing good teachers with the tools and reducing the size of classes, youre putting the responsibility onto the shoulders of the students.

It is then up to the students, to decide if they want to accept the responsibility and take advantage of the opportunity of getting an education. English Essays.

Perfect School For An Ideal Education essay

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