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Privacy And Information Technology

Updated September 22, 2019

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Privacy And Information Technology essay

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.. hat particular toy, including store positioning data, color, shape, and toy genre. Market data can be included in a second descriptive value associated with the object.

Using an object oriented programming environment such as J++ or C++, the TOY class, (example), can store many different values that directly correlate with the actual objects respective physical genre. Would information about the store collected by the store stay there? Other stores can benefit greatly from its collected market and buying trend data. Should the central business offices be the only ones to see market data, or should individual store managers have access to this data each day? The answer is, both. The individual store managers should be able to see the information in order to rearrange the store daily due to new market data collected from the previous day or week. Trends would be highlighted or marked on the data sheet by the POS allowing the individual store managers to correctly assess all possible situations. But, many trends and good ideas will only come from a collective source of all store data, analyzed by the central office team.

Market data such as price, mean quantity per day that is sold, and Boolean values such as credit card or check usage, would be collected by the computer. Perhaps the best way to store and organize the information would be an ORACLE database, where operations can be performed easily on the collected data. Database queries can be coded in SQL or ORACLE for speed of searching and computing data. Part II 1.) Privacy in the Business Environment Increased Safety By increasing information technology, safety will also be increased. By knowing information about any given individual, criminals would be almost nonexistent.

The amount of rape, murder, and theft would decrease yearly after new security technology, such as better alarm systems and a faster moving, sophisticated response team is implemented. Advanced surveillance technology can prevent problems before they start. Increased Product Pertinence With advances in IT, companies will no longer sell to the consumers, they will tailor products to the individual consumer. By advanced analysis of electronic buying data from goods bought online, companies can produce more desirable and more useful products. As time progresses, this can also bring on an sense of individuality. The product is sold to the individual, not the public.

Customized Advertisement Along the same lines as the product betterment, advertisements in any media, whether on TV or on the computer screen, will be displayed accordance to your recorded market data and preferences. Although web companies such as Alladvantage are already doing this, it can be taken to a new level with market POS data on goods that a given household purchases. Practical Reasons for the Big Brother System When corruption strikes at the heart of the US government, the media eventually finds out about it. In turn, the American people view the corruption and lies on TV or in the newspaper. Most law-abiding, tax paying, citizens feel disgusted and let down by political corruption.

The same government officials that Americans elect to office are cheating, lying and sometimes stealing from the public. Who wouldnt want a government that is almost corruption free? By using technology and decreasing personal privacy, everything important can be caught on camera or recorded. The men and women, who are elected by the public, are expected to be public leaders. Criminal activity is also an issue pertaining to security and the decrease in privacy.

A major issue in the US today is the terrorist threat, heightened by the bombing of the federal building in Kansas City, and the World Trade Center disaster. More information on each citizen, in accordance with advanced immigration technology, can prevent the problems before they arise. If certain governments unite and devise a highly involved database of individual records, immigrants with sketchy records can be denied at the door of the country. I believe the people whose lives were affected by past incidents would sacrifice an amount of privacy for this high level of protection.

Health care can be applied immediately to the small boy who was stung by the bee that he was allergic to if the information is available. If medical records and files could be accessed immediately, and by everyone, emergencies could be solved with ease. The system could include not only the records, but also previous methods and solutions to past ailments. Learn from the past, and in turn, computers can save the boys life. Through the web, information is passed faster than the speed of light.

Information can be transferred instantaneously over a high-speed line. The faster speed means better connectivity to other people with different views and perspectives. In short, the Internet can open your mind to new problems, and new solutions. The less that is hidden, the more that is able to added to our knowledge of the world and the people we live with. This is an obvious asset compared to privacy. The same applications are relevant with police officers and the people that they arrest.

All police activities and pre-meditated arrests could be recorded in the same fashion to prevent problems in court. The Rodney King example is probably the most famous event that is appropriate to the privacy situation. If we could have seen or heard clearly what had happened, much of the legal distress that followed the incident could have been prevented by hard evidence. Management and other empowered personnel who know the facts make sound decisions. Decreased privacy will bring more facts into light and allow for specific orders to be made.

2.) Solutions for Changes in IT and Privacy Using data analysis provided from previously recorded incidents, trouble spots for crime could be monitored with accuracy and ease. Mandatory recordings by a third party should be required in order to make a pre-meditated arrest. Although video is extremely reliable, sometimes it is not appropriate. Alternative technologies could be audio solutions and sophisticated heat detectors.

A network of databases containing intense medical records and research of individuals would enable anyone to help out a person in need. The network could be easily organized by detailed characteristics of health problems/conditions as they are related to the man or women. This would provide ease of use. Public, government run discussion boards can be an asset to the American people. But, this only holds true if officials and people empowered to make change are required to participate in and review the discussions. The boards could also be monitored to prevent hacking and misuse, not to investigate opinions.

An advanced version of the Microsoft Java Cookie can be implemented into all POS and web browsing systems. The cookie records information and takes statistics on web surfing, and makes certain decisions based on related genres and consumer goods. Combined with other statistics software cookies can be a valuable asset to any company in terms of selling to the individual, not the group. All decisions that affect the public directly must be televised in some manner. The day-to-day work of the government can be recorded, but not publicly broadcasted.

Instead, the media can be available upon request by any citizen of the US providing that that person gives a pertinent reason for the viewing of that media. Personnel must accompany viewers at all times so foul play can be lessened. .

Privacy And Information Technology essay

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