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Quality Standards Are Very Important in Work

Updated June 30, 2022

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Quality Standards Are Very Important in Work essay

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Quality standards influence positive outcomes because all health and social care workers want to ensure that they enhance and provide the best possible care and that it is attained to the workplace’s minimum standards. Regulations and inspections carry out regular inspections on my workplace under the Health and Social Care Act 2008, in which it talks about good governance. R;I’s inspections and audits are fundamental for ensuring continuous improvement and assuring quality of care standards within my workplace. R&I identify any unmet needs or unsatisfactory areas that need to be improved upon.

As a manager I undertake regular audits on our resident’s care plans and RIO assessments to ensure that they are being reviewed and updated regularly and that the information they contain is accurate. This also ensures that our care plans meet minimum standards set by government. Audits help me to ensure that the minimum standards are being met and they also improve the quality of service

Quality Standards Are Very Important in Work essay

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