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Red Convertible

Updated March 21, 2020

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Red Convertible essay

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The Red Convertible The story is about a young boy by the name of Lyman and his older brother Henry.

The relationship between the two boys seems to very close, they do everything together. At the beginning of the story Lyman states how he has always been lucky, especially when it came to making money. He was a dish washer who worked his way up to being part owner of a restaurant until a tornado knocked it down, however Lyman gives the image as he still is lucky. Lyman and Henry notice a red convertible and combined their money to buy the car for the both of them. Lyman and Henry have not a care in the world and travel in this little red convertible.

When they returned Henry takes off to the military and writes back and forth to Lyman until suddenly to the point where Lyman doesn’t hear from him however continues to write Henry. The story changes dramatically from a happy story about two brothers to a sad and depressing one. When Henry returns he is no longer the same person, it is almost as if a blank soul is in a body. Lyman describes his brother being a totally different person. However one afternoon Henry asked Lyman if he wanted to go for a drive, Lyman went along hoping that his brother was being his old self again.

Lyman and Henry pull up to a river where Henry tries to give the car to Lyman, Lyman refuses to take the care. Henry then jumps into the river and says to Lyman “my boots are filling” as the current takes him away, Henry doesn’t seem to struggle. My boots are filling meaning they are filling with death. The reader assumes that Henry has drowned by the tone of the story. 9+ Lyman turns on the headlights to the car and lets it go straight into the river. The red convertible died along with Henry.

Red Convertible essay

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