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Relations Between Syria and North Korea in the Construction of Chemical Weapons

Updated August 9, 2022

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Relations Between Syria and North Korea in the Construction of Chemical Weapons essay

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Do we really know what chemical weapons are doing for us and why? What’s the point of using chemical weapons when it’s not just only going to kill targeted people but also kill those who are using them to. People who are living in Damascus Syria right now are dealing with some pretty tragic chemical warfare battles right now. Damascus residents said they woke up to hearing loud explosions. It can be very scary for those who are not in the service right now and are just serving as civilians. Although chemical weapons are very scary they are also useful in the intent to use to get rid of people, our military has so much power over it and so does other countries, such as Syria and North Korea. Not only using chemical weapons to destroy people is dangerous it’s also very dangerous for the environment, using chemical weapons is not just something you can get rid of easily. Chemical explosions takes months to get rid of if not that years. Just recently our military discovered that Syria has a chemical weapons program with 105 weapons. And mostly where they are getting all of this is from North Korea. Syria is paying North Korea lots of money to have heavy access. Our military has quickly responded and we proceeded in taking Syria out. Our spokesperson said that the strikes hit at the “very heart” (McKenzie) said early saturday morning.

The chemical weapons that Syria is getting from North Korea right now were part of at least 50 previous unreported shipments by North Korea to Syria between the years of 2012 to 2018. Records say that when shipments get sent out it goes through a packaging system. Over the years the government has not quite figured out why they have such low inventory amounts of missile materials being used from the North Korean government (Mattis). North Korea was feeling pretty good about themselves because they thought that they were helping out the Syrian government, but really it was impacting Syria itself. There is going to be no way that North Korea and Syria are going to be able to be in contact anymore because our military took out Syria’s chemical program. But according to Lt. Gen. Kenneth McKenzie Jr that our strikes did not fully take out all of Syria’s chemical abilities, but Syria could reconstitute it’s program still. This was meant to minimize the spread of chemical weapons that might’ve been stored in different facilities. It’s very hard to believe but inorder for all of this to stop happening there needs to be someone who can stop this. Doing and saying are two different things this is what my dad always used to say to me and I think that this is what’s happening it’s just all talk until action starts happening.

Relations Between Syria and North Korea in the Construction of Chemical Weapons essay

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