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Updated March 31, 2019

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2205 BELTON • GARDEN CITY, MI 48135 PHONE 734-266-0265 • E-MAIL emailprotected RYAN EDWARD VANN OBJECTIVE College student interested in a position in the Northville area.

Skilled in computer work and other office tasks. Willing to work any hours. EDUCATION 1996-Present Schoolcraft College Major: Elementary Education and business ?Grade Point Average 3.2 ?Member of Edge Runner’s Ski Club 1993-1996John Glenn High School Diploma ?Grade Point Average 3.0 ?General Education ?Member of Swim Team WORK EXPERIENCE March 2001-PresentMountain Jacks City, State Server ?General Restaurant Duties ?Serve Patrons ?Open building daily ?Various closing duties August 1998-March 2001Electro-Matic Products City, State Customer Service Representative / Inside Sales ?Operate switchboard for incoming calls ?Responsible for incoming calls from clients ordering parts ?Customer complaints ?Delivery scheduling ?Repairs and returns ?Worked closely with outside sales to assure client satisfaction ?Managed and controlled client database ?Filing client purchase orders and taking client inventory December 1997 –August 1998Merlin Corporation City, State Sales Associate ?Sold and repaired laser printers ?Sold remanufactured toner cartridges ?Responsible for acquiring new clients by phone and travel ?Service existing clients PESONAL STATEMENT I am a college student majoring in Elementary education with a minor in business. I am a highly motivated and energetic person. I am very punctual and dedicated to tasks at hand.

I take employment very seriously and complete every task to the best of my education and training. I am very familiar with office atmosphere, and work very well with others. REFERENCES Available upon request Words / Pages : 319 / 24

Resume essay

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