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Women in the Struggle for American’s

Updated August 27, 2022
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Women in the Struggle for American’s essay

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Revolutionary Mother is the diary and a collection of letters that was passed down telling a story straight from the individual. The letter where very specific about what occurred how they felt as they went through this struggle.

The women in the book played an important role in society during this era. The pain and hurt they felt and how they were acknowledged like the men. The men went to fight and where encourage to fight to prove their manhood and was considered weak if they did not fight for their colony. Women normally supporter their husband as their helper and worked in the home caring for the house and children. When the husband was away women had to stand up and protect their home and their children.

This ear was a difficult time for people in general. Women during this time had very little power and didn’t own anything. Everything they owned became their husband property. The war for independence last for eight years of agony for women. Mother and daughter were raped and killed.

Pregnant women babies were ripped out of their wound. The Breast of women where cut from their chest. Girls as young as thirteen was subject to this horrific abuse. The voice of the women in this book just had you right their beside them.

Each word was visualized in my head. My Mouth was wide open with shock. The pain and hurt and hardship the females experience without their husband. Feeling a lone and helpless as the solders took over their homes and harmed their children.

To have your child killed in front of you had to be the most painful event in history for a mother. The women found will and strength and came together to assist in the war. Farmers was drained of supplies and the solders took over plantation slaves. Many women had no knowledge of how to perform their husband’s duties while their husband was go to war. No idea about working in the fields and cutting of lumber. The men normally done the hard labor like building the barns and making of the fence that surrounded the home.

Neighbors where enemies and there was no boundaries and no real control. Freedom and equality for women was limited status didn’t matter everyone suffered. Stories of repeat violence was never ending. They are stories of women destroying their property to prevent the military from taking everything, the women stated “they rather destroy their home than to have it taking over by the enemy “What was inspiring most is how the women can together to help server the country. When problem occurred between the colonist and the Britch women stood up for what they believed despite that face women had no vote they came together against the King.

When the Stamp Act was in effect the woman disagreed and took stand. When the taxation on good passed the women stop drinking tea as a way of protest. Elizabeth gave food and supply to the solders. Women a Philadelphia traveled door to door collecting money. Men rarely know about cooking this was a duty the wife normally preformed in the home.

The women of the colony prepared meals for the soldiers and washed their clothing. Many women followed the troops and these women where poor and dirty and was given very little respect.pg51. Supply offices referred to the women as “baggage”. Winthrop was surprise to see women in the cold barefoot and bared legged walking slowly caring packs on their back.

Women in the Struggle for American’s essay

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