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Role of Ethics in Communication Ethical Communication

Updated August 29, 2022

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Role of Ethics in Communication Ethical Communication essay

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It is a type of communication that involves ethics and is done keeping these in regard i.e, a system of morals and values relating to human conduct, with respect to rightness and wrongness of certain actions and to goodness and badness of motives and actions. These maintain a kind of truthfulness and sincerity in the communication and all the information is given correctly. Since these are not deceptive in any way so these completely maintain the quality of communication. These are used in communication to avoid any type of language which manipulates, discriminates and exaggerates.

These maintain a finite gap and difference between positive and negative information which is been given. Ethical dilemmas in communication Secrecy Whistle-blowing Leaks Rumour and gossip Lying Ambiguity These impart truthfulness, accuracy, honesty and reason in communication. Ethics endorse freedom of expression, diversity of perspective and tolerance of dissent to achieve informed and responsible decision-making. These make us learn and respect other communicators responding to their messages. Ethics make it possible to condemn communication that degrades individuals and humanity through distortion, intolerance, intimidation, coercion, hatred, and violence.

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Role of Ethics in Communication Ethical Communication essay

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