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Ronald Wilson Reagan

Updated November 1, 2018

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Ronald Wilson Reagan essay

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Ronald Wilson Reagan Ronald Wilson Reagan Many famous people have lived during this century. How are they recognized for their achievements that they have accomplished? Some notable figures have buildings and roads named after them. Some have statues or plaques erected for the accomplishments. The only thing about the above mentioned way of giving recognition to a person for doing something is not everyone in America has a chance to realize that a person has succeeded in such a way that they have been honored. On the other hand if a person has reached an achievement so great, why not consider to put the picture on a United States postage stamp.

One person in the past one hundred years has earned to be recognized in this sort of way, and the person is Ronald Wilson Reagan. I believe that Ronald Reagan should be commemorated on a stamp because he achieved more during his eight years in office than the public give him credit for. Ronald Reagan was born February 6, 1911 in Tampico Illinois. His mother and father were Nelle Wilson and John Edward.

Reagan graduated high school in 1928 and attended Eureka College, which he majored in economics. Reagan went on to become a Hollywood actor and starred in over 50 page 2 movies. During World War II, he entered the Army as a second lieutenant, but was disqualified from combat due to poor eye sight. So he made military training film for the next four years. Reagan ran for governor of California in 1966 and won by nearly a million votes (New Book 1-2). Then in 1980 Reagan opted to run for President of the United States.

Within in minutes after been sworn into office, Iran released 52 American hostages that had been held for more than 14 months. Reagan then worked out a economic program called Reaganomics. This created the largest tax and budget cut this country has ever seen. Within in two years inflation was at its lowest, unemployment was low and energy cost where low (World 479). Although the budget for the Defense Department was high, America had more peacetime troop build up in history to help slow the expansion of Communism (Our Glorious Century 390).

Reagan also appointed Sandra Day O’Connor as the first woman Supreme Court Justice during his first term as president (New Book 4). Just as Reagan had a plan with domestic issues, he had a plan with foreign affairs issues as well. In ’83, He ordered Marines to Lebanon as a peacekeeping force. Reagan also sent forces to Grenada to prevent an attempt to take over the Caribbean island by Cuba (World Book 479). Reagan knew something had to be done about international terrorism. That’s why in 1986 Reagan Page 3 retaliated against world terrorism by ordering the bombing of Libyan military targets (New Book 5).

Reagan was also know to have a firm hand with the Soviets. Reagan became know as “The Great Communicator (Our Glorious Century 390). In 1987, the Senate approved a treaty, Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF), banning all soviet short and medium range missile. This negotiation between then Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev was Reagan’s greatest accomplishment (New Book 5).

Throughout the Reagan Years, Reagan was able to restore prosperity and economic strength. After he left office peace and strength was at a grasp. Reagan believed in smaller government and a greater America. Reagan accomplished so much during his eight years as president that this paper just brushes the major aspects of his legacy. That’s why I believe Ronald W. Reagan should receive the recognition he deserves and what a better way to honor a man that was such a great leader than to have him commemorated on a postage stamp.


Ronald Wilson Reagan essay

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