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Salwa Abedi Professor J

Updated January 17, 2019

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Salwa Abedi Professor J essay

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Salwa Abedi Professor J. Woleslagle Engl 1301 September 6, 2018 Web Evaluation of AAP Publishers Clinical Report—The Impact of Social Media on Children, Adolescents, and Families A research for Impacts of social media using the library database engine results in American Academy of Pediatrics clinical report. The AAP clinical report acknowledges that social media is an essential tool in consideration of various aspects; such as, enhancing creativity, platform for communication, and easy access to learning, but the report also debates on the proper utilization of social media for children, teens and families. An analysis of several web sources reveals that is of quintessential use when writing a research paper, not only because it is the largest pediatric publishing program in the world, but because the information provided through the website undergoes intensive peer supervision, and the articles exhibit authenticity.

When surfing the web for information regarding any topic, users must be aware of the basic principles upon which a websites credibility is evaluated. The AAP, we know is a reliable source because next to the article, is an additional link of info and metric about the article; we can than concur with confidence that although the article was written in 2011, it is still relevant in 2018. Next to article is a Table of Contents, so the users can ensure the currency of the subject they’re reading. The article footer at the very end suggests too that AAP publication takes full responsibility of the accuracy of information being provided to its readers. After rigorous research it is established that the authors writing for AAP publication are conscientious.

The authors who have written the clinical report on the impacts of social media are pediatrics and psychologists, who understand their target audience and thus are qualified to write on the subject; similarly, other published topics are cited by authors who attain extensive knowledge and have done thorough research on the subject. The articles do not only target the audience which has prior knowledge of the subject, instead it targets the average reader; therefore, the concepts although accurate, are presented in a manner which is easy to comprehend. Authors back their statements by using multiple references which establishes to the readers that the statements are not just mere claims. The layout of the website offers users friendly navigation.

At the right-hand side is the menu and section bar which doesn’t say what it is but as soon as you’ll click on it, a list of options will appear. The text used in the layout is easily readable The user privacy is respected by asking about cookies. The AAP Publishers is an organization-based project. The academy was founded in 1930 by 35 pediatrics; their main goal is dedicated towards the betterment of healthcare for all children, but overtime AAP has addressed multiple issues, from gun violence to asthma in their publications.

This essay will be evaluating The American Academy of Pediatrics’ website, along with questioning why should users be considering this website regarding writing research papers.

Salwa Abedi Professor J essay

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