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Updated September 26, 2022

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Show clear, logical links between points and depth in elaboration. Draft your ideas first before writing. Try and use as much of the vocabulary learned in the classroom. In a recent TED talk, given by Taiye Selasi, she highlighted the three Rs (rituals, relationships and restrictions) which define who we are. Write a diary entry expressing your views on whether you agree with the speaker’s three categories, what you think she missed out on and reflect on how you would answer the question: Who are you? Dear diary, I can’t wait anymore, I have been desiring to tell you what I have learnt today. Mr. Wong gave us a lesson on identity, followed by a video which presented by Taiye Selasi, expressing her own experiences and thoughts on her identity. After the lesson, it changed my mindset, the values of seeing people. I think this the best lesson, I ever had before. Firstly, what is identity? From Oxford Dictionaries, it explains identity refers to the fact of being who or what a person.

Somehow, people thought identity is about which passport you hold, the social status, or even your nationality. From Taiye Selasi’s perspective, she insisted all experiences are local, all identities are experiences. I strongly believe this statement. When you interact with strangers, it often starts with a question, “Where are you from?” By knowing the answer, we may make assumptions. Is he poor? Is he an Asian? Millions of questions and doubts flowing on our brains, this is like stepping over a stage of understanding someone. For example, Tom born in Nigeria, raised in the United States. However, after knowing that he is come from Nigeria, most of the people would assume, that he must be poor and lack of knowledge. It doesn’t seem people would be paid respect on him, even insulting him. However, Tom is a professor of Oxford university. People would never trust him, unless he shows his certification.

In my view, I don’t think the country, you come from, is as important as it can reveal or change your identity. People wouldn’t believe the actual truth, as they insisted they are right, the concept of status are strongly connected to their minds. The purpose of asking “Where are you from?”, isn’t a simple, straight forward question anymore, instead it reveals your identity, your background, your power. It gives a hit to the question “who are you.” Therefore, we shouldn’t ask “where are you from” instead, “where are you a local?” For instance, “where are you a local?” is more suitable for Tom. To further explore someone, we should use the ‘three Rs,’ said by Taiye Selasi.

I firmly believe this is a great alternative to define who you are. By using 3Rs, is more suitable to define someone than asking where you are from. As all the experiences form your identity said by, furthermore identifies are not only personal, but also valuable. Therefore, we shouldn’t judge anyone by only asking “where are you from.” To explore someone’s identity, just simply ask their daily rituals, restrictions, relationships. From these questions, it let you understand someone more deeply and personal. These questions can clearly reflect your identity. By asking their daily rituals, relationships and restrictions, it can define who you are. It really changes my mind, the value of identifying people, aren’t base on their skin color, their languages or family background. It’s time for bed, see ya. They often judge you by their prior knowledge and thoughts, but without actual knowing who you are.

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