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SINGAPORE Hi everyone

Updated January 17, 2019

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SINGAPORE Hi everyone essay

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SINGAPORE Hi everyone, my name is Nguyen Dieu Linh. I come from class 5A2, Ly Thai To Primary School. Today, I’m very honor to present about a really famous country. I’ll give you some quiz to know what country do I tell you later. First, this is a quite small country, but it’s extremely clean and beautiful. Second, it’s not far from Vietnam.

If you fly by plane, you just spend 3 hours to arrive there. Now, do you know what country is it? The answer is Singapore. Let’s start with some informations and statistics about Singapore. Singapore is an island country, located in Southeast Asia, just off the Malays Peninsula and 85 miles north of the equator. The country is young but well-developed with many high skycrapers, divers community and unique buildings.

In 1963, Singapore gained independence from United Kingdom and joined in the Federation of Malaysia to form Malaysia. However, Singapore became an independent republic on the ninth of August 1965. Singapore has a total land area of 719.9 km2, smaller than Hanoi, comprising mainland and other islands. With such a small area, immigrants in this country are increasing each year. The population is very high, about 5,795,145.

According to the most recent data I have collected, Singapore currently has a high percentage of people from other countries. The majority of the population is Chinese, for 74.2%. 13.2% is Malays. Indians also comprises part of the minority group and accounts for only 9.2%. The rest is Eurasians about 3.4%.

Not the same as Vietnam and some country, Singapore doesn’t have its own national language. Singaporeans often communicate with eachother in English, so English is the official language. Other languages like Chinese, Malay, Hindu are also used in Singapore. In Singapore, it is really warm and cool. It has high humidity and lots of rainfalls. When March arrives, the sun shines very strong, with the temperature highest in the year up to 36 degrees.

The second part of my presentation is about the enviroment in Singapore.The country Singapore is also the city Singapore. Singapore has a clean and pleasant environment.. It’s well-known for its politics and tourist activities. Attracting travellers is the places of interest such as: Sentosa, Gardens By The Bay, Universal Studios, etc. In my opinion, the best is Sentosa.

The attractions on this island include: a 2 km length beach, Siloso fortress, two golf courses and two 5-stars hotels. Each year, Sentosa welcomes about 5 millions visitors. At 9 pm, the vistors can watch the water show called “Wings of times”. Are you a natural lover ? If the answer is yes, you may go to Gardens By The Bay.

There are many kinds of trees or flowers. Some of them are popular, some are strange. With children, Universal Studios is very great. Universal Studios is a amusement park. It has many public services for example: Restaurant, Car park and so on. In addition, all the main streets are always crowded, colorful and filled with inviting street food.

You can be served delicious prawn noodles or Chili Crab. Singapore is most notable for its variety of food. You may find cuisine of any countries, cities or places there. All food is easy to eat and very delicious. The country has many buildings and architecture, which is a mixture of modern and traditional art.

At night, Singapore is a sight to behold. The stars shine in the sky, looks so romantic. Special, there are lots of shopping centres. Some are popular, some are luxurious, for example: Vivo City, Shopees at Marina Bay Sand, Mandarin Orchard Road, etc. Singapore offers tourists luxury hotels, deltectable cuisine and traditional festivals or holidays like: Hari Raya, Depvali, many and many more. The Singaporeans are also friendly, kind, hospitable and very politely.

All of that make Singapore so great in visitor’s eyes. I have been to Singapore 3 times. I have learnt lots of things from my trip to this country: the clean in all things, the safety and how to attractions visitors. When I grow up, I am going to study abroad in Singapore and this is also desired thing of my parents.

I want to bring what I learned to devote to my country. I would also like Vietnam to become a great and worthy country like Singapore. I love Singapore so much and I want to go there one more time. This is the end of my presentation.

Thank you for your attention and hope you will like it!

SINGAPORE Hi everyone essay

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