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Sir. Baldric and The Evil Threshmit

Updated April 5, 2019

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Sir. Baldric and The Evil Threshmit essay

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Sir. Baldric and The Evil Threshmit It was a frigid night at Rockland Palace. The wind blew hard, and howled out of the night, as the rain beat down on Sir. Morgan as he stood outside the castle walls. He had just returned with the news from King Crenshaw. Suddenly from the dark of the night came Threshmite, the great enemy of man.

The description of the beast given by the churl , who stood witness to Sir Morgan’s dismemberment, was that of a giant, man eating firs snorting, three headed savage warthog gargoyle. As the lightening flashed, and the thunder clapped, the it reared it’s center head up, and gave a fell glare into the eyes of the helpless peasant, who was frozen in a horrified Position. It took nearly five hours, and the help of the resident magician to get that out of him. He is as skittish as a hind , afraid to venture out of the castle walls, or even let down the drawbridge, for fear of becoming Threashmis’ next meal. King Lenson grieved deeply over his departed friend. He then asked for volunteers to hunt down the scatheful beast.

The reaction to his request was pathetic, not a man stood. It seemed as though King Lenson’s valiant knights were nothing more than a flock of recreants. At last Sir. Baldric stepped forward, he had risen to the occasion, proving true to his troth. He was truly a stalwart knight.

Early the next morning Baldric awakened, in preparation for his endeavor. He dressed himself with care, methodically arranging his raiment. As he pulled his hauberk over his head, and sweeping shoulders the lady of the castle mad her way gently into the room. She helped him finish dressing, and when he went to leave the room she made a tryst between herself and Sir Baldric. They would meet in the church before he left. She softly kissed his cheek, and departed.

He went to the arms room, and took down his sword from it’s place on the wall. It shone bright in the morning bask. It was whet after every use and now ready for action. He saddled his horse, and went to go meet with lady Lenson in the church. He found her in the last pew, dolorous and weeping. She begged him not to go, so he pledged his mission in her honor.

He was bound by heart, and soul to seek and destroy Threshmiter. The king sent him out on his way, and told Sir Baldric he would return victorious. So he rode across the grassy knolls into the black forest. He crossed the deep crags of Keystone, and the red river of evil.

Through the valley of death, and beyond. All the way braving the wolves, trolls, bears, and all of the other savage creatures across the countryside. Alas in mid January he came across some fewments, (Droppings of the beast pursued), and knew he was near Treshmit. He began to set up camp, and while doing this he began to think about home. He thought how he missed his warm feather bed, the merry evensongs he sang around the fire with his friends, and most of all he missed Lady Lenson.

He was tired of stetting up camp every night in a new place, building the palisade, and waking with the sun covered with hoarfrost. He was nearing the end of his journey, an would be home soon, but for now he must rest. He slept lightly, and awoke early, broke down camp, and headed out. He came across a great cave, and upon hearing the snorting, and smacking he knew it was in the middle of a meal.

Sir. Baldric sunk up from behind the monster, and out on a slight overhang above Threshmit. He gathered his thoughts, grasped the helve of his sword, and came down in the center of the beast’s neck, severing it’s spinal column. He then took the haft of his dagger and ripped open the leathery skin of the beast’s throat, sending a bath of blood through the cave. He had fell Threshmit, and completed his mission, never sundering from the task at hand.

Baldric took out the beast’s heart as proof of his success, and headed for home. His journey home took nearly three weeks, but upon his arrival at Rockland he was greeted warmly by all. They all gave boon to him, and there was a gathering of the citizens of Rockland in Sir. Baldric’s honor. The King, and his knights were seated on the dais, Baldric in the seat of honor.

He was declared by the King as the noblest knight of the court, and given a red silk girdle as a symbol of his courage. He thanked them all, and while the men made merry, and drank, he slipped away with Lady Lenson into his feather bed.

Sir. Baldric and The Evil Threshmit essay

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