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For The Love Of Hunting

Updated September 22, 2022

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For The Love Of Hunting essay

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Since the beginning of time, people have been following people. Some people do it for the sake of escaping their own life. Some people do it for the love of the hunt. All in all, stalking someone can be satisfying, fun, entertaining, and sometimes lucrative. Step one is to select a person and find basic information on them. One should try to select a person based on what you would get out of stalking them. Potential success, and convenience. If you are stalking for the sheer fun of stalking them, I would suggest finding people using a phone book. A phone book contains hundreds of people including their addresses and phone numbers.

If you choose to stalk someone that you already know, you may obtain his or her personal information by asking them or their close friends or you may still use a phone book as a reference. Step two is to learn the victim’s everyday schedule. Follow them for at least two weeks in order to find what they do every day. In this, as in most steps, documentation is useful.

Be sure to write down where they are and what they are doing at any given time on any given day. This is very important, as you will need to know when they will be out of their home and how long they will be gone. Which brings me to step three, which is home surveillance. This step is one of the most important. Stalking a person without learning about how they act in their everyday life and in private would be useless. Two vital pieces of equipment would be the phone tap and the hidden camera. These will be your ears and eyes into the world of the person you are stalking. This equipment can be constructed using parts found at your local Radio Shack and application may be difficult based on how the devices are built. Keep in mind that the smaller you build the devices, the less likely they will be discovered. These need to be invisible and stay invisible.

To install these devices, you will need to refer to the schedule you recorded of the individual in step two and find a suitable time period in which the person will not be home long enough for you to slip inside, install the devices, and get out undetected. You MAY install some at one time and finish up at a later time, as long as you get all devices necessary to follow the person at all times. Step three is to follow and document. This process is what all of your work has been leading up to. In this step you will simply follow, watch, listen, and document any important information. This step’s length can be as long as you see fit, as long as you get sufficient satisfaction out of it.

Step four is an optional one This one involves making your presence known. This step is in no way mandatory, as you may be the type to stay invisible, but if you enjoy taking credit for your hard work, this is a suggested step to take. To accomplish this you must be creative. You need to drop small hints of your existence as a stalker to the stalking victim.

Photos and letters are good places to start. When you think the person being stalked is aware of his/her watcher then you should let them see your face, but only briefly, and don’t allow them to know that it is you stalking them. Finally, you should come out and introduce yourself as being their stalker in some indirect way. This will insure that you have obtained all the possible satisfaction from the stalking as possible. As you now know, stalking a person is a long and drawn out process and should be done quietly. If you complete all these steps it can make your stalking as fun and exciting as possible. Stalking 101 Thesis: Stalking someone can be satisfying, fun, entertaining, and sometimes lucrative.

For The Love Of Hunting essay

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