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Statement of Purpose: Admission to the Magistracy

Updated August 27, 2022

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Statement of Purpose: Admission to the Magistracy essay

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My name is Bhautik Jayeshkumar Purohit; I completed Master of Science Instrumentation and Control from the Sardar Patel University -affiliated by Institute of Science & Technology for Advanced Studies & Research in 2016 with a CGPA of 6.1. I completed Bachelor’s of Science in 2014 with 7.23 CGPA from the Sardar Patel College-affiliated by Natubhai V Patel of Pure and Applied Science.

Since school days, I am good at Maths and Physics; I have always scored well in the same. It was a keen interest for me after doing Bachelor’s in Instrumentation in 2014 which guided me towards pursuing a Master’s in Instrumentation and Control. This decision gave me ample amount of opportunities to consolidate my creative energies and harness my technical aptitude.

All in all after completion of Master’s, my overall concept towards instruments and its applications to industrial plants has been up to the mark. In order to get some practical knowledge, I decided to join a company called Regal Remedies Ltd. as a trainee in Instrument Engineer in Manufacturing Plant- 1 for 7 months. I learnt MATLAB software which is deployed for simulation of different circuits and assemblies and can also be a part of designing HMI (Human Machine Interface) for several packaging and filling assemblies.

My keen interest in manufacturing process & automation, led me to do projects “Microcontroller Based Traffic Light Controller”, “Heart Beat Sensor” “Development of Water Level Controller Machine” (where we controlled flow, level and pressure of water with the help of PLC) Why Post graduate diploma in Electronics and Embedded Systems Development During my project, I experienced a leaning towards Electronics and Embedded System which efficiently and effectively addresses the needs of organizations operating in the segments like – entertainment, shipping, logistics and health care. Moreover, I have realised one thing that my exposure was topics related to the core academics and theoretical; I need to hone my skills related to practical segments of the business as well.

This program will provide me a platform of business of electronics, entrepreneurship, and importing, exporting and renewable and sustainable energies. An applied capstone project will provide me with the opportunity to design, implement and manage real world solutions using skills in industrial communications, supervision, project management and documentation, deploying intelligent processes to streamline production systems or design flexible manufacturing approaches using a wide range of knowledge, including operations research, manufacturing sciences and enterprise resources; moreover, planning/integration is something which challenges me.

This program includes modules like Embedded Systems, Industrial Communication, Business of Electronics, and Sustainability Management and other associated modules. Learning Outcome After the successful completion of the course, I will learn to make decisions through applying current principles of Electronics and Embedded System Developer.

I would also learn to demonstrate exemplary teamwork and leadership skills, growing professionally and increasing their level of responsibility and authority. I would develop ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering, as well as to analyze and interpret data. Besides, my skills in basic ability to design, develop, implement, and improve integrated systems that include people, materials, information, equipment, and energy by using appropriate analytical, computational, and experimental practices will be sharpened. Why Fanshawe College? Fanshawe is one of the few institutions in Ontario to offer Electronics and Embedded Systems Development.

The Master Degree programs prepare students to assume key roles in industrial research, development and other important domains. The best part of this college is that it prepares students in such an environment that fosters excellence as well as awareness related to challenges of modern industrial and manufacturing systems.

The distinguished faculty and excellent facilities at the College make its graduation program ideally suited to my professional goals. While the dynamic atmosphere at the College will equip me with the requisite skills to be a thinker and a learner; the necessary vocational training for the course will arm me with necessary and updated field expertise for a brighter career. Why Canada? Discussions with my faculty and seniors led me to the conclusion that a Post Graduate Diploma from a country like Canada which lays thrust on practical training would be the right direction to veer my academic career in.

Canada is far more advanced in machine technology, manufacturing, automation, and controller. Thus, I will receive exposure to the best of infrastructure and know-how. Moreover it’s open and student friendly approach will help me settle inside the new system faster and more comfortably. Post Study Plans After the successful completion of the course, I will come back to my country.

This engineering stream is related to understanding, development and implementation of systems involving human being and other resources. All manufacturing and engineering companies offer jobs to Industrial engineers. TATA (all sectors, Motors, Steel, Communications.etc), Reliance Industries ltd., Maruti Udyog, and other companies in India including Siemens, Honewell, Mitsibushi Essar, BHEL, NEPC, ABS, TCS, Infosys, Wipro including Government organisations like Railway, BSNL, ONGC, ISRO and DRDO are some of the companies that are recruiting Electronics and Embedded System Developer every year.

Statement of Purpose: Admission to the Magistracy essay

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