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Statistics and Probability

Updated September 5, 2022

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Statistics and Probability essay

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There was a national financial crisis that had a great impact to the global economy. This happened during the economic recession in US. The economy was affected adversely and it became a concern for the whole world as the economy had deviated from its stand point. There was financial instability and inflation thrived the market. Therefore, in addressing our topic of interest, I will employ the log model that will use the demand for money and will be abbreviated as M1. The hypothesis will be if there exist any relationship between the interest rates and the demand for money.

Literature review

In light of the monetary emergency that had happened in 2008, the Federal Reserve needed to take intense measures to counter the pervasive financial decay and more awful subsidence influencing the general economy. By starting different loaning projects and conveying financing costs practically close to zero, it keep up certainty among banks and keep up a steady measure of liquidity in the business sector. Therefore, in this paper, we will contemplate the impact of loan fee on the interest for cash post the three years of Financial Crisis. Interest for cash implies that the amount of riches an individual needs to grasp instead of putting into bank. Interest for cash is fundamentally utilized for exchange purposes.

There are three thought processes to study interest for cash exchange rationale, preparatory intention and theoretical thought process. Exchange interest for cash is utilized to settle exchanges since cash is the main medium of trade. Cash is required for liquidity stockpiling and in addition if there should arise an occurrence of crisis. Lastly, cash as a theoretical thought process intends to diminish the danger required in arrangement of benefits. We will utilize interest for cash as an element of financing costs, cost and time, holding all different variables steady. We will watch that there exist backwards relationship between the financing cost and the interest for cash. This is a sign to the cash holders that when the chance of holding cash is too low, individuals would need to hold a greater amount of it and the other way around.


In this study, we will break down the impact of loan cost all else steady on the amount interest of cash. The information is for a long time post emergency beginning from 2008 to 2011. With the end goal of displaying, we will utilize the M1 as a variable towards amount interest for cash. However, M1 will be the needy variable though financing cost and time period will be utilized as informative variables.

The most elevated rate of interest offered to the moneylenders amid the post emergency is 3.89% for each annum though the base was 1.98% for every annum with a deviation of 0.51%.To more exact, there is a visual representation of the Money stock (M1) pattern after the monetary emergency. From the chart beneath, it is practically clear that Fed attempted all its measure to keep up great measure of liquidity in the economy. The upward moving pattern means that Fed bought colossal measure of treasury bills to evade withdrawal in the economy. As it is apparent from the chart above, there were part of changes between the liquidity and the financing costs. Despite the fact that the relationship is not solid, there exists a converse relationship between the loan fees and the cash stock. The lower the loan fee in the economy, the higher is the open door for the general population to hold cash in their pockets

Methods and results

In the last analysis of interest for cash (M1) is relapsed against loan cost and time. To gauge this interest function, we are applying the log-log model. The reason is to we are trying the speculation that how development of interest for cash is influenced by financing cost after some time. The relapse condition to gauge interest for cash is;

From this analysis, we can without a doubt say that the variables employed here for assessing the genuine interest for cash are exceedingly noteworthy and thus we reject the null hypothesis. The Interest for cash is delicate to financing cost. As the development rate of loan cost falls, the development rate of interest for cash increments. This implies when the open door expense of holding cash is high, individuals would need to hold cash as riches and the other way around. Therefore, there is a backwards relationship amongst M1 and financing cost and is profoundly noteworthy at 5% significant level.

At long last, the time variable used as the intermediary for innovation and development. This variable is decidedly identified with interest for cash. Acquiring enormous of sum treasury bills and beginning different loaning programs, it kept up significant measure of liquidity in the economy so as to maintain a strategic distance from the issue of liquid trap. Subsequent to examining the impact every one of the variables individually, we can likewise remark on the informative quality of the variables utilized with the end goal of relapse examination.

The coefficient of determination demonstrates the measure of variety clarified by the explanatory variables towards the interest for cash. An estimation of R-squared of 94% implies that around 95% of the variety in the interest for cash is clarified by loan fee, customer value record and time segment. This quantifies the integrity of fit. In this way, the general level of noteworthy demonstrates that the model that we relapsed is a phenomenal one.

Statistics and Probability essay

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