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Updated November 1, 2018

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Steroids essay

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.. her common side effects are increased aggressiveness and paranoia. Female users face even more problems than male users. In females many physical changes may occur such as growth of facial and body hair, deepening of the voice, diminished breasts, and abnormal menstrual cycles.

If taken by to early anabolic steroids may stunt growth, by fusing the growth plates. Steroids can be beneficial in certain situations, but usually they only lead to harmful results. In today’s world professional athletes are placed in high regard by society. These athletes are made into role models and almost godlike creatures. Because pro athletes are so glorified, many more are using steroids to boost themselves and there careers into stardom.

Ben Johnson’s medal stripping marked the beginning of this widespread use by bringing it to the attention of the world. The most likely place to find a steroid pumped body is in the sport of professional bodybuilding. It is likely that nearly all of the individuals that compete at the professional level of bodybuilding have taken some form of steroids, during the course of their careers. Professional wrestling which has gained much popularity in recent years is notorious for steroid use among participants. The National Football League is another place where steroid abuse has caught the attention of viewers. It seems as though every day a new player is busted for testing positive.

Professional Baseball as well has had its share of controversy. Last year Mark McGuire received some unwanted attention for his use of androstenedione, a growth hormone. So, McGuire ended up stopping his usage so that he would not be criticized when he broke the homerun record. Younger athletes that see this behavior are very likely to emulate it. Brian Bozworth, a well-known college football player, is also remembered for his steroid use during his college days. Another well remembered football player that struggled with steroid use was Lyle Alzado.

He used them all throughout his college and professional careers. Alzado used the steroids secretly during his career to help him achieve the greatness that he did. Eventually he declared publicly that he had lied about his use, but this was only after some deadly side effects had set in. During his early years playing he looked at steroids as answer to gaining competitive edge in the rigorous sport, and quickly he became addicted. He quickly gained recognition, and in 1977 he was award defensive player of the year from the league.

Alzado used the steroid called stanozolol and later nandrolone, both extremely addictive and dangerous. He continued to use them throughout his career disregarding the dangers that they brought. Alzado’s popularity won him some television roles after his football career. After being diagnosed with his disease, Alzado earnestly tried to convince people of the dangers that steroid use entailed. Eventually he died from a rare form of brain cancer that he attributed to steroids. Alzado was only forty-three when he died (Compton’s Online Encyclopedia).

Competing in athletics on any level has its pressures. Pressures to perform and win can be a heavy burden for players. Every player wants to be the best and become the next superstar of their sport, like Michael Jordan is to basketball. As with many areas of life, the better you perform on the field the more prestige, money, and power you will receive. These rewards are very enticing to young athletes, and many would sacrifice profusely to achieve such goals. Getting to such greatness requires a great amount of time, skill, hard work, and luck.

But, instead of sacrificing time and hard work athletes look for the easy way to reach stardom. This seems to be a theme that is growing more common in the realm of sports. Still, some athletes may not be as gifted as others may, so they likely will try to make up for deficiencies by using steroids. Nevertheless, many factors can lead young athletes to turn towards steroids. Ever since I was young I have been involved in sports. It has always been a dream of mine to play college football or baseball at a prestigious school, and then maybe go to the big leagues.

As the years have passed my dream has gotten closer and closer to reality. I am now attending school on a football scholarship. Along the way though I have felt many pressures from family, friends, coaches, and mainly my self. All them want to succeed.

Because of these tremendous pressures I personally have been tempted to use drugs to enhance my athletic abilities. I have seen many of my teammates use them with no problems. Due to the fact that members of my team have used them, I also have easy access in attaining them. I have been offered a free amount several times just to try them. Thankfully, I have refrained from using steroids. I have chosen other safer alternatives, but it may be harder to get the results I need.

I have decided to use dietary supplements to increase my protein and nutrient intake. I have found that there are many stores around where one can get good nutritional supplements to help themselves gain weight and strength. I glad that technology has provided some decent alternative to steroids, because they are a very tempting to young athletes like myself. Since the 1950s, anabolic steroid use in order to increase muscular development and to improve strength and endurance has spread rapidly among both male and female amateur and professional athletes(Compton’s Online Encyclopedia). This trend will continue to spread unless we address to source of the problem, rather than the athlete.

The makers and distributors of these harmful and illegal substances must be caught and then penalized. It is important that we do something about this problem because many people will take these steroids without understanding the damages that they can cause to their bodies. I have found alternatives to steroids, so I know from personal experience that it is possible to be successful without them. Medicine Essays.

Steroids essay

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