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Strong international Brand

Updated January 17, 2019

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Strong international Brand essay

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Strong international Brand: McDonald’s has one amongst the foremost recognizable brands within the world. most people within the u.

s., and far of the planet, instantly acknowledge the company’s “Golden Arches”. the corporate provides consistency in its food, so you’ll be able to get a similar style whether or not you’re ingestion a giant mackintosh in big apple or Moscow. However, it additionally provides cultural diversity within the foods it offers supported the situation of the edifice, thereby adding to supplemental sales in every explicit region. The company’s success has allowed it to become the world’s largest nourishment chain within the world.

Diversified Income: Since the corporate is therefore giant, with such a lot of locations round the world, its total sales and earnings in several regions tend to offset each other. it’s locations in nearly a hundred and twenty countries, therefore if domestic sales area unit slumping, it’s attainable that they may be sturdy in South America or Europe. As a result, the corporate doesn’t trust one key supply of financial gain, not like several of its rivals. as an example, Burger King depends nearly completely, roughly ninety eight, on the u. s. for its earnings.

This diversification permits McDonald’s to possess comparatively stable money flows, and generate consistent gain.

Strong international Brand essay

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