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Suicide Satire Essay

Updated February 21, 2020

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Suicide Satire Essay essay

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.. individual strips himself or herself of their well being for another cause or to feel a part of something. The third ideal type is anomic, which results from too little regulation or the shattering of one’s ties with society. A good example would be such as when an individual goes through a divorce or an individual suddenly finds himself or herself unemployed.

Fatalistic is the fourth ideal type. This form is the result of excessive regulation coupled with high personal needs for an individual to control his or her environment. An example of this would be such as when a straight A college student fails an exams and upon doing so, takes his own life (Spalding & Simpson, 1951). So what is the conclusion in understanding why individuals take their own lives? In 1996, Margaux Hemingway committed suicide with an overdose of sedatives.

This brought back memories of other suicides in her family such as her grandfather, his brother, his sister and his father. Could the answer be genetic? Do people inherit certain vulnerabilities toward depression that results in death by suicide? Or does this story indicate an intergenerational socialization pattern, by which committing suicide is an acceptable way of addressing a problem learned by an acceptable family way. What if certain personality types are more predisposed? However, historical and anthropological studies show how different cultures seem to produce distinctive spectrums of personality types and that these types can change over time. In other words, the proportion of suicidal-prone individuals in a population is socioculturally determined. Further, changing social conditions can either trigger or suppress the suicidal urge of these types of selves. In conclusion, suicide seems to be a highly complex phenomenon that involves interactions between genetic, biochemical, psychological, societal and cultural factors (Hendin, 1984).

I personally believe that suicide is a selfish act committed by an individual as an answer to their problems. Many times, such as written in this research paper, the cause of suicide can be determined by psychiatric illness such as depression, alcoholism, and schizophrenia. However, I do believe in the concept that suicide can result from a lack of integration of the individual into society. The question remains is it psychological, biological or sociological? Suicide results from such complex factors that the answer would have to be all of the above. How an individual operates in society involves biological, psychological and sociological factors. Therefore the conclusive answer to such a complex question would have to be that it carries such factors that would make it a product of psychological, biological, and sociological.

Twenty-four years ago, when my mother was sixteen, she was at school when she had two police officers come get her out of her class. The police officers would not tell her why. They only explained that they were taking her home. Upon arriving home, she found out that her father had shot himself. He left behind a wife and four daughters that were devastated and had to learn to deal with it. Silence was their form of dealing with it.

For many years I have had questions as to why. Also, how did it affect my mother and how does she feel about. But, I have never gotten any complete answers to these questions. Nobody in the family has ever wanted to talk about the suicide. It is not a death that survivors go through the grieving process and then all of the sudden one-day feel free and at peace with the death.

This is the type of death that survivors never feel at peace with. In fact, it affects generations of family members, to this day I do not feel at peace with the suicide of my grandfather. However, upon being so curious I can ascertain that my grandfather was a human being that was not well. My mother grew up in a very poor atmosphere. Here clothes were borrowed from other families who did not want them anymore or the clothes were handed down from her older sisters.

They had a small farm and could only afford to eat what they grew on their farm. At the time of his suicide, my grandfather was unemployed. He had an awful argument with my grandmother. He left for several days and no one could find him. Later, they found out that he had been sleeping in the crawl space underneath the house. He had over time completely isolated himself from his friends and family.

In addition, he started to have regular outbursts of anger. In the aftermath of this event, there is not one picture that you will find of him. Before he shot himself, he went through every picture and cut his face and in some his entire body. To conclude, sociologically speaking he had isolated himself from society. Furthermore, he was definitely in a state of major depression. Whether he was depressed first and therefore became isolated from society or isolated from society first therefore becoming depressed is unclear to me.

The conclusion that I can make is fact that many factors were involved in this suicide. If you have every read the Story of Romeo and Juliet this was a suicide that occurred because of the social conflict of the two families. Because they were in love, they stepped out of their societies to try to make it work. Was it fate that brought these star-crossed lovers to such fatal self-destruction? Or was it caused by two families that refused to step out of their societies to allow such a thing Romeo and Juliet to be together? There is only one alternative to suicide that I can think of.

Individuals seem to commit suicide when they feel pressured by society. Suicidal people have problems and feel there is no alternative, their best solution would be to die. The individual cannot fathom the fact that maybe they can fix their problems. Unquestionable suicide is not the answer to anyone’s problems. If society worked together to help suicidal individuals in distress know that there is a solution, then maybe we would have less suicide. In conclusion, the alternative to suicide is that there is no problem so large that in constitutes self-killing.

No matter what solutions anyone came up with, there is always going to be suicide. However, by understanding suicide and the many factors that cause it, we could start to try to lessen the statistics. Sociology Essays.

Suicide Satire Essay essay

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