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Summer Readin Essay

Updated September 6, 2022

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Summer Readin Essay essay

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This is an essay about my summer reading books and how the many characters are really much alike one another. The first book was Lord of the Flies written by William Golding. The character names in this book was very significant. The two main characters were Ralph and Jack which were somehow related to Jekyll and Hyde. The relation is that Ralph is mainly a good kid that is just enjoying himself by not having adult supervision and Jekyll is the good side.

Jack is related to Hyde because they represented the evil side of the books. In Lord of the Flies the main character was Ralph. Ralph is a very strong and handsome 12 year old blonde. He is very likable and has shows good leadership in the beginning of the story. Ralph is elected leader on the island. Jack, a tall and thin red hair does not share common beliefs with Ralph.

Ralph becomes incredibly jealous when he does not get elected leader and picks on Piggy because he didnt get what he wanted. Piggy is the brainiest kid on the island. He does most of the thinking for the group but is blind as a bat without his glasses. Piggy unlike Simon will speak up more and always tries to think rationally.

Simon is another smart character although he is very quiet. Simon is perhaps the most mature person on the island because he was able to tell that there was no such thing as a beast but rather the fears that there might be a beast within them. Simon is a complete opposite of Jack , he is more like a saint of the group, a good example would be when they saw the dead man on a parachute hanging on the trees, he freed him. Roger is Jacks right hand man. Roger uses brutality by the strongest means. He is by far considered the most evil character in the book.

Sam & Eric are twins who are not capable of doing things without each other. Later on they forget their identity because of the fear of the beast. In DR. Jekyll and MR.

Hyde the general character was Mr. Gabriel Utterson. He is mainly the person who narrates the story. He is a close friend of Dr.

Jekyll and Mr. Lanyon. Dr. Jekyll was an opposite of Mr. Hyde. He was a young handsome rich and respected person in town while Mr.

Hyde was an old and ugly person representing Jekylls Evil side. Mr. Richard Enfield was a good friend of Mr. Utterson, he is a well known man in town and has weekly Sunday walks with Mr.Utterson. Dr. Hastie Lanyon is the closest friend of Dr. Jekyll.

Lanyon is a significant character of this book because he later on reveals the double identity of Dr. Jekyll. Poole is Dr. Jekylls chief servant , he takes care of the house , he has also been with Dr. Jekyll for a very long time. Bradshaw is the character who guards the back entry of the lab.

Mr. Guest is Mr. Uttersons secretary who finds the similarity between Dr. Jekyll and Mr.

Hydes handwriting. Sir Danvers Carew was a member of the parliament who is later on murdered by Mr. Hyde. The lord of the flies took place somewhere in the pacific.

The location did not really matter to the author and it is not mentioned in the book where exactly they were located but it was rather referred to as the island. The island provided the kids with sufficient food. The author describes the island shaped like a boat and the end there was the jungle and the orchard which rise up the mountains. The beach is where Simon and Ralph first find the conch and blow in it to gather all the boys together. Near the beach was the orchard were the kids ate all the fruits. The jungle is where Jack hunts for pigs and where the beast supposedly lives in.

The mountain is where Jack, Ralph and Simon climbed to set a fire signal. The castle is where Jack later on makes his headquarters and it is where Piggy dies. Lord of the Flies takes place in London where the setting didnt really matter except for that one strange door. The environment definitely affected the boys stranded on the island.When Ralph first arrived he is not worried about anything and is overwhelmed that they are alone without any adults but as the book progresses he starts maturing and understanding about surviving on your own. Jack instantly connects to the environment because he is the brave one who does the hunting and the mens stuff.The environment gives the boys the freedom and experience of being alone and surviving wildlife. In Dr.

Jekyll and Mr. Hyde there is no such environment , it takes place in the real world in London. The environment is not very significant except for those who are around Dr. Jekyll that changes him. These two novels have a slight connection in ways of good and evil , like in The Lord of the Flies Ralph represents good and Jack represents evil whereas in Dr.

Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Jekyll represents the good and Hyde the evil. The environment changed all the characters in the Lord of the Flies whereas in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde it was rather the people that surrounded Dr. Jekylls environment that made him take the potion.

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Summer Readin Essay essay

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