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Features the Hindu or Harappan Civilization

Updated August 30, 2022

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Features the Hindu or Harappan Civilization essay

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India Civilization is known by many names such as Indus Valley, Harappan Civilization. The first civilization in Indian developed around Harappa quite close to the Indus river, it was located on South Asia. India started to emerge in 2500 BCE. The Himalaya Mountain was the tallest mountain range. The landmass that India is on of Peninsula.

A Peninsula is a piece of land almost surrounding water and sometimes referred as a “subcontinent” because it is large and juts out from Asia into the Indian Ocean. Gangery River and The Indus River Indian’s most important rivers. It is a land that has fertile soil where many of India’s civilization began. Text BoxPeople who lived in the Indus River had permanent settlement since they were farming.

The reason for people to not have permanent settlement is if they didn’t had food, they had to move to look for food. The Indus River has fertile soil which was used for farming, now people had enough food. The fertile soil provided agriculture like crops, corn and others. Many people chose to settle near the river so that they can drink from it, wash their cloth and to use it for irrigation (the supply of water to land or crops to help growth) to make their fields better.

The Civilization was well known for sophisticated cities like Harappa and Mohenjo Daro that included a grid street pattern and drainage systems. The population was massive, many settlements and cities have been found. The Mahajanapadas were the sixteen most powerful kingdoms of the era that was located mainly across the fertile Ganges River Plains. Later, Maurya Empire unified much of India in 320.

The Indian Civilization was really benefited to Indians today in many ways. One way was their settlement which was near the Indus River. That was an advantage because they can use the river to drink, wash, cook and for irrigation. Irrigation used a lot of water, but it was okay for then since they lived near the water. Another way the fertile soil, it helped to grow crops, corn and others. This helped feed them and have a permanent settlement since they don’t have to move around anymore to search for a place which had food. Lastly sophisticated cities like the Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro included a grid street pattern and drainage systems.

Features the Hindu or Harappan Civilization essay

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