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Thank you for giving such a nice cue card

Updated January 17, 2019

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Thank you for giving such a nice cue card essay

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Thank you for giving such a nice cue card. Today I would like to talk about a renowned comic actor, he is none other than Rowan Atkinson, & people throughout the world are probably familiar with his popular comical character Mr. Bean. I saw him for the first time in a movie at my friend’s place ; he was absolutely hysterical.

Later, I came across some of his earlier works i.e. TV shows, movies ; so on, which he had finished in the past. I believe I’ve seen nearly all of his shows which he had done till now. Actually, a few weeks ago my friends & I watched a movie of his at my place i.e. Johnny English, which is a parody movie based on spy, he was hopeless at everything & it was incredibly amusing. He’s funny because he is so ludicrous ; yet charismatic ; adorable.

At all times He seems to have the good intentions but he ends up into awful troubles ; hilarious circumstances just by doing normal things. Although I have seen it before, I really enjoyed it watching again with my friend. It is a real piece of art. He does very simple things, but they are truly comical ; I think that is because most of his humor is based on true life situations that heaps of people can relate. His comic style is very witty.

He’s worldwide popular for his ordinary, yet extraordinary acting skill. I think that people adore his art because it’s not complex humor – it could happen with anybody, nevertheless, it constantly seems to occur to him suddenly ; unexpectedly. Another thing which is unique too many other comic actors is that he rarely speaks; he’s funny because of his body activities & facial gestures. His way of jesting doesn’t rely on clever or witty dialogue; it is just based on the inane events that happen around us. This is something that makes him likable to a very wide audience throughout the globe.

Thank you for giving such a nice cue card essay

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