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The Advancement of Technology Has Enhanced the Relationship Between Police and Communities

Updated August 27, 2022

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The Advancement of Technology Has Enhanced the Relationship Between Police and Communities essay

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By being able to improve these relations by the enhancement of police work.

Seeing the positive outcomes of technology and policing such as work efficiencies and the effectiveness of crime control. The use of these new found technological advances such as license plate readers, and computerized records have been quite useful when tending to the publics aid. As if one’s vehicle were to be stolen in the community the license plate reader can scan hundred of plates in minutes opposed to having to manually enter each license plate. Where we now also have computerized records that makes data easier to find and analyze. Also, with the use of computers/ laptops and radios dispatchers can directly contact officers with the usage of signals and codes to immediately direct them to a citizen in need of help. In policing technology has been able to improve the ability of police to identify and monitor offenders.

Information technologies help facilitate the identification of hot spots and people to target them for crime prevention with the goal of reducing crime and recidivism. By using data from mobile computer systems, databases, and crime analysis this helps increase officer safety and reduce ambiguity about what to expect when answering a call. For example, officers stated that technology allows them to determine the domestic violence history of a location before responding or lets them run a quick criminal history check on persons they are questioning in the field. Allowing for the officer to be more comfortable with the victims and suspects at hand without having to go in with a blind eye. Agencies have also acquired new social media technologies to enhance communication between themselves and citizens to strengthen that relationship. The usage of social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat have improved relations with the public.

By posting statuses alerting citizen of crucial events such as amber alerts, kidnappings, robbery suspects, and much more. The use of social media is not only to inform citizens about what is going on in their community but also to gain info from citizens and to engage them in co-operating with police. The usage of technology and its outcomes depend on the way that officers, civilians, and analysts use technology to achieve outcomes.

The Advancement of Technology Has Enhanced the Relationship Between Police and Communities essay

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