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The Chocolate War

Updated July 18, 2019
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The Chocolate War essay

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The Chocolate War By: Robert Comier Jerry Renault is not the best-liked kid in his school.

He barely had any respect, even though he is the quarterback for his schools football team. In the beginning Jerry had lots of friends. But no one knew what is in store for Jerry. Jerry had no idea how his life is about to change. It is a tradition at Trinity to have a yearly chocolate sale. It is not mandatory to sell the chocolates, but no one ever refused.

A secret underground group called The Vigils likes to make the lives of Trinity students miserable. The Vigils like to give the students missions that they have to complete. The Vigils called for Jerry so they could brief him for his mission. The Vigils told Jerry to refuse to sell the chocolates for ten days then he would start to sell the chocolates. So Jerry accepted the conditions of his mission.

Every thing would have gone fine for Jerry if the power crazy headmaster Brother Leon had not interfered in the student chocolate sale. Jerry noticed how refusing the chocolate was pushing Brother Leon over the edge so he continued to refuse them for more than his ten days. Brother Leon did not like it so he called The Vigils asking for help, they agreed. The Vigils talked to Jerry and they gave him a new mission, they told him to start to sell the chocolates. Jerry still refused to sell the chocolates. The Vigils did not like the fact that Jerry is still refusing to sell the chocolates.

So they hired people to hurt Jerry. They told people at football to hit him extra hard. Jerry did not know what he is getting himself into. It is not smart for Jerry to defy The Vigils.

Since Jerry refused to sell the chocolates the profits were slowly declining. The other students felt that if Jerry did not have to sell the chocolates that they did not either. Brother Leon is not very happy with the fact that the sales were going down so he talked to The Vigils and they agreed to help. The Vigils sent the school teams in to neighborhoods and told them to sell chocolates. The chocolates they were selling were being credited to the other peoples sales.

So even though they were not making sales they were still getting them. The sudden increase of sales made Brother Leon very happy. The Vigils still had a bone to pick with Jerry, they were very mad at him because he defied them. Archie, the assigner for The Vigils had a great idea to hurt Jerry and still sell the chocolates. He made a raffle for the chocolates. Archie decided to make Jerry box with a thug called Emile.

Emile is an animal. Archie put a twist on the boxing match he said that the raffle tickets were punches. He said that you could put any punch on the ticket, and the person who writes the KO punch wins the chocolates. Jerry and Emile agreed to the stipulations of the match, but they were both very confused. The first ticket is called Jerry right to the jaw.

Even though Jerry did not like Emile he couldnt just hit him for any reason so Jerry swung but missed and barely hit Emile. Everyone booed and shouted nasty comments. The next ticket is a right uppercut to the jaw. Emile used all his power to hit Jerry he almost knocked Jerry down. Things were going fine for a while until some one slipped in an illegal blow and it is called by accident. The fighters were confused.

They both know it is an illegal punch and that the person being hit could not cover up but Jerry covered up. Then Emile was very confused so he just started hitting Jerry as hard as he could. Emile is too fast for Jerry, he was not able to hit Emile more than once. Emile continued to hit Jerry until someone shut off the lights. Once the lights were cut off everyone in the stadium started to run.

Brother Leon and Brother Jacques ran to the middle of the boxing ring and broke up the fight between Emile and Jerry. Brother Jacques is very mad at Archie and he was yelling at him. On the other hand Brother Leon is almost shaking hands with Archie and telling him good job. Words / Pages : 789 / 24

The Chocolate War essay

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