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The Evolution of the Chicken and Its Mental Abilities

Updated August 8, 2022

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The Evolution of the Chicken and Its Mental Abilities essay

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It is well known that elephants have a fantastic memory, but do chickens? Chickens are animals that are commonly thought of as stupid and senseless, yet they can distinguish among 100 plus faces of members of their species, rivaling that of elephants. As it appears, chickens are much more intelligent than they are given credit for. If humans can not see and accept this fact, which comes from the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) in the united kingdom, it would truly display how incredible, yet unappreciated, the chicken species is.

According to “Wide Open Pets”, the chicken has been around for over eight thousand years. This means that the human race has been using chicken, in more ways than imaginable, for many years. Yet somehow, chickens still seem to go unnoticed, or barely noticed, in our world. Chickens are an unappreciated species, one that may deserve more credit than is given. There are, according to the Smithsonian, “twenty-five billion chickens in the world, more than any other bird species.” They are a plentiful resource, which many people use for many different purposes. This makes them useful, and an animal that could be acknowledged more often. It is also a fact that chickens are smarter than the average toddler.

“Hens have exhibited mathematical reasoning, self-control, and even structural engineering.” For an animal that society considers unintelligent and idiotic, it appears that they are smarter than human toddlers. The human race could use their talents, rather than not even give them a chance to show their true abilities. Chickens also have demonstrated an understanding of social order. “Just like us, they form social structures, known as ‘pecking orders,’ and all chickens know their place on the ladder.” By cramming chickens into facilities, humans take away the chickens’ natural talents, thus it puts out the image of chickens being idiotic and dull. It seems so odd that an animal that is one of the closest living relatives to a mighty tyrannosaurus rex is so easy to look over.

The relations between the two might not be evident, but according to the Smithsonian, “…they did retrieve molecules of collagen, a structural protein that appears in slightly different forms in many animals. They compared the dinosaur version with 21 living animals, including humans, chimps, mice, chickens, ostriches, alligators, and salmon. T-Rex’s collagen proved to be most similar to chickens and ostriches; its next closest match was to alligators.” If a chicken can be so closely related to a creature like the T-Rex, how can it fly so far under the radar? Possibly, it is due to the image that everyone already has of chickens. All of the above proves that the chicken is an uncredited and unappreciated animal that deserves far more credit.

The chicken, it’s an animal that humans consider futile and simple, yet have humans ever stopped to think about this little animal that provides so much? Chickens are a plentiful resource, an intelligent species, they understand social order, and are the closest living relative to the T-Rex. However, it seems the population puts little thought into their existence. The chicken is, in fact, an unappreciated, yet astounding, animal.

The Evolution of the Chicken and Its Mental Abilities essay

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