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The Governments of North Korea and Syria Are Not Fair to Their People

Updated August 9, 2022

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The Governments of North Korea and Syria Are Not Fair to Their People essay

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While watching the news every other day I happen to notice the two main countries that everyone is talking about, which North Korea and Syria. These two countries captivated my attention with all the chaos they have going on. These countries are very diverse in their daily lives, the way that they govern their countries, and the independence given to their citizens. North Korea is known to have one of the most restrictive and dominant governments in the world. Some of North Korea’s own citizens have even described their own country as a horrid prison North Korea is considered a communist country. A dictatorship, and a totalitarian system. North Korea system is a system that regulates almost every aspect of their citizen’s lives. When it comes to the citizens public, personal, and private lives; they want to control all of it.

The government looks to control all things. Their system is very unjust. I am sure we are well aware about what transpires in Syria. Syria’s constitution and rights have been up and down. Syria’s constitution gives the usual outline for the government. Due to the civil war in ‘2011 to 2012’ Syria constitution was modified. The improved constitution has a requirement for all the presidents to be Muslim, but they may not have a specific religion. Also, with the new constitution Syria presidents may only be able to serve two terms. Along with every decision that is made will be made off of democratic voting. Both North Korea and Syria government has not been treating their people fairly. Their human rights are completely different from the U.S. they also do not abide by it. North Korea, North Korea citizens today are not as free as U.S. citizens.

North Korea is very inhumane. They control everything that the country does. For example, when it comes to what they can hear on the radio, or what they are allowed to watch on the television, what they can buy at the store, and most of all their thought process. This is North Korea’s way of having a say so in everything their citizens do. North Korea’s government smothers their citizens and limits their freedom of expression. North Korea constitution claims to have a democratic government and human rights but does not abide by it. Most of the power belongs to their leader also known as their president ‘Kim Jong-un’. It is said that North Korea does not abide by the ‘UN Declaration of Human Rights’. The North Korean government is very corrupt. They are unjust to their people. In this article by human rights watch it is said that ‘report on human rights in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea that found the government committed crimes against humanity, including extermination, murder, enslavement, torture, imprisonment, rape and other forms of sexual violence, and forced an abortion.’

North Korea continues to separate individuals including their families. The country splits up its citizens by putting them into a certain category of a class known as ‘wavering, hostile, and loyal classes’. These classes are split up within the citizens based off of their families’ political loyalty, background, and how the country’s political views have influenced them. The Korean government also enslaves their citizens, which includes children, they practice harsh punishments, and they have detention centers, and prison camps where the citizens are abused by guards. Korean government uses this to their advantage in exchange for obedience and respect from their people. It is sickening what the citizens of North Korea must go through. North Korea not only violates the UN but goes against everything it stands for. It seems as though the ‘Universal of Declarations rights does exist to them at all. These people are being tortured, abused, misguided and hurt by their government. The same government that is supposed to make sure that their citizens feel safe. The same government that is supposed to significantly help their citizens but do not. Instead, North Korea is making sure that everyone is scared of the government to make sure they have control always.

Not is deplorable but is repelling. These individuals are so brain washed to the point of no return. If you even tried to help them escape or give them knowledge on how to be free; they would not do it. The fear of the government has them perplexed. Korea puts on this façade for the world to see them as a just and fair country. They try to give the world the impression that they are not running a communist country. They do not want the world to meddle in their business and the way that they are running things. They keep a tight-knit on everything and everyone who goes in and out of the country, to make sure that no one is revealing or slightly revealing the truth behind the things that they are doing. The United States of America couldn’t contrast more. The United States is the complete opposite of North Korea. In the United States, we are given the freedom of expression, the freedom of speech, the freedom of religion, and the right to vote, we can go out and do things the way we like. We can think things through our own perspectives. We can live a free life without the government dictating it for us. We may go out and choose the college we may attend or what we want to major in. The United States respects their citizens. The way that American can choose how to be governed is amazing.

The United States is not forcing anything upon their citizens. America follows their constitution. America as a society America has always fought against dictatorship government. But more than often we turn a blind to those in needs. Those who aren’t given the same privileges as us. As for Syria when it comes to following the human rights they are not too fond of that either. This Islamic state is more so known as ‘ISIS’ has been very cruel and vicious towards their citizens. Syria has been killing and taking the lives of innocent people. The issues with Syria arose in 2011. What was supposed to be a calm and understanding protest about rights turned into a civil issue. Which cost many people their lives. The issue began when a couple of youths decided to do graffiti on the building pertaining to antigovernment and the government used rough, public, and abrasive way to punish the youth that did this. Since then many took the streets and began protesting. The conflict and problems have made people run evacuate to safety. The issue in Syria has the world’s attention because of the majority of killings of innocent people.

The tactics the government and the president are using has created a lot of bloodsheds. Unarmed citizens being killed in cold blood by the government army. The protesters only wanted democracy and for the current president ‘Bashar Al-Assad’ to resign from his position. But since protesting citizens hoped that the president would change things, but he didn’t, and things only began to get worse. Citizens were crying out for help from the world when the government started using chemical bombs on their citizens. Chemical weapons have been banned because it is too dangerous and inhumane. Syria civilians still receive unpredictable assaults by Syrian government powers. Government strengths to proceed to commit other grave invasions, counting war violations such as self-assertive detainment, harass, upheld vanishing and illegal executions. “Amnesty’s documentation” gives new to proof that such wrongdoings are broad as well as orderly and are being executed on an ever-increasing scale and a portion of state approach. Numerous Syrians are casualties of helping people vanish as well.

Parties committed war wrongdoings and other grave infringement of worldwide helpful law and human rights mishandle with an exemption. Governments and other associated strengths, counting ‘Russia,’ carried out unpredictable assaults and coordinated assaults on citizens and civilian objects using airborne and gunnery bombarding. Also counting with chemical and other universally prohibited weapons, slaughtering and harming hundreds. Government strengths kept up long attacks on thickly populated regions, limiting get to compassionate and therapeutic help to thousands of civilians. Government powers and remote governments arranged neighborhood agreements which driven to the constrained uprooting of thousands of civilians taking after delayed attacks and illegal assaults.

Security strengths captured and proceeded to keep tens of thousands of individuals, counting calm activists, helpful laborers, legal counselors, and writers, leading too numerous to be implemented vanishings, torment or other ill-treatment and causing passing’s. Syria, is not following human rights. They are profusely killings their citizens until their citizens give in and decide to live life the way the government wants them too. It is beyond heart-breaking watching on the news how innocent kids who are being hurt in the midst of this. The kids who are not aware of what’s going on around them, but they are unfortunately paying the price of a brutal government. Not only does violate human rights but imagine being in these civilian’s position. Having to constantly worry if you’re live or die today, if you’re going to ever to leave this horrible place, and how to over come this. The fact the Syria’s government does not feel inch of guilt by doing any of these things is inhumane in itself.

The Governments of North Korea and Syria Are Not Fair to Their People essay

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