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Strategic Intervention Materials: A Tool in Improving Students’ Academic Performance

Updated August 12, 2022

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Strategic Intervention Materials: A Tool in Improving Students’ Academic Performance essay

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The K to 12 science education aims to develop scientific literacy among learners that will prepare them to be informed and participative citizens who are able to make judgments and decisions regarding applications of scientific knowledge that may have social, health, or environmental impacts.

Unfortunately, the trends of quality of education in the country is declining. Even the performance of student’s are not motivating especially in science subject. Despite of different activities and experiments presented in the curriculum, still, the performance of the learners are poor.

To address this problem the Department of Education established several programs and trainings to cope up the needs of the students. The educators must continuously enhance and develop a system that sustain the needs of the students. One of the main features of K to 12 is the presentation of the lesson through contextualization and localization. The 1987 Philippine Constitution clearly demands this principle generally in Article XIV section 14.

So, the Department of Education mandated of using Localized materials or information that will relate the specific content in the curriculum to local information so that it would be easy to understand and conceptualized the learning. K to 12 science curriculum in grade nine is a spiral approach.

It provides several topics or contents in different areas in science. Teacher should be fully equipped with different strategies or techniques with different instruments or instructional materials such as SIM (Strategic Intervention Materials) as supplementary resources of learning in science.

Strategic Intervention Materials or SIM is an instructional materials that use to enhance least mastered skills of the learners based on the competency prescribed by the DepEd. The SIM provides several activities that allow the learners to recall and attain mastery level of the specific content.

It contain attractive design and challenging task that catch the attention of the learners. The main reason of developing Strategic Intervention Materials is to enhance the Least Mastered Skills and catch the interest of the learners using different activities provided by the SIM.

The content presented on the SIM is based on the learning competencies prescribed by the Department of education, which serve as the guide in determining the scope of the materials. Through the use of SIM, which is localized, the students are expected to reach the mastery level of the lesson. Hence, the Localized Strategic Interventions Materials will give the learners a clear understanding of the content.

Also, the interactive activities brought by the SIM will catch the interest of the learners to study and finally, learn more. The main objective of this study is to develop Localized Strategic Intervention Materials that cope up the needs of the students, thus, resulting to the improvement of the students’ performance in science content.

Strategic Intervention Materials: A Tool in Improving Students’ Academic Performance essay

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