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A Common Goal the Italian Leader and Hitler

Updated September 12, 2022

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A Common Goal the Italian Leader and Hitler essay

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The Munich Conference was held on September 29th, 1938 in Germany. The Italian leader and Hitler produce an efficient plan to achieve a goal. When the conference commenced the four leaders were friendly. Chamberlain tried his best to endeavor Hitler’s decision on the terms of Czechoslovakia representation during their discussion.

He failed to do so, thought he persuaded him to permit two Czechoslovakian representatives to in the next room. The prominent German field marshal, Édouard Daladier was strongly adamant of avoiding war at all costs stating “We won’t tolerate war over this, the Czechs will just have to give way. We will simply have to force them to the cession”. On September 29, 1938 all the leaders agreed to give Germany Sudetenland. The agreement was officially signed later on September 30th ,1938. Later, the two Czechoslovakian representatives were authorized to meet with Daladier and Chamberlain.

Chamberlain seemed to be weary, while Daladier appeared to be tense, they did not engage in prolonged discussion with them over this topic. A man named Keitel was titled military governor of Sudetenland. The non-germans that lived in Sudetenland were being displaced. They were ordered to move out in about ten days. The Munich Conference had various negotiations within the leaders.

During the conference, most of the time Hitler temperament was stubborn because he would not hold back on his demands on Sudetenland. This caused Chamberlain to follow the policy of appeasement in order to solve this issue regarding Hitler demands. All the leaders came to the agreement to give the annexation of Sudetenland to Germany. After the conference, Hitler reportedly stated “Well, he seemed such a nice old gentleman, I thought I would give him my autograph as a souvenir.

A Common Goal the Italian Leader and Hitler essay

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